Wiki Tribune Report


Wiki Tribune Report

This is the first Wiki Tribune report, and I mean to do these on time but these past two weeks have been kind of a nightmare insofar as RL is concerned. I’ve been busy pretty much every single day, both at work and at home, for approximately 12 days. It seems to be calming down a little, so I’m taking some time to write this.

Staff vs Tribune

Just for clarification, the Wiki Staff and the Wiki Tribune Staff are the same people. I saw it rather pointless to have two separate entities doing the same work. The list on the Main Page of the wiki is the current group.

Here are the projects we’re working on so far:


We’re trying to make sure that every article has the correct formatting for the type of information it displays. From restructuring the info boxes to adding and merging categories, it’s been quite a task. Recently, all the Dark Council position pages were brought up to the same standard, displaying their pertinent information all in the same manner.

We’d like to see similar efforts made on DJB Character pages, including usage of images and relevant information about ones character. I did an update a couple weeks ago to the “Creating a Character Article” section of the “Getting Started” guide to better clarify the “DJB Facts” section to help those who do not have a long DJB history.


Along with the standardization, appearance has been a major focus. This includes finding a new layout/look for the Main Page, which is in the middle of an experimental phase. We’re trying not to blatantly rip off the welcome page at any other wiki site, though the presentations at some are proving to work better for our needs than others. Like most of the Wiki, the Main Page is a Work In Progress.

Wiki Help

If you have questions, feel free to ask me or anyone else on the Tribune. We’re here for you.

On a related note, I’ve been getting a lot of people requesting to be on the Wiki Tribune. Though I appreciate all the enthusiasm, I don’t think we need more people at this time. I have kept your messages on file should the need arise.

In Conclusion

Just as a last note summary:

  • The Tribune’s working on making the wiki look and flow better.

  • We don’t need more people yet.

  • If you read it, Words Of The Prophet was updated today.

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