Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

Haha I havent submitted a report since last January. Awesome.

1) The GMRG Crucible is back on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One thing I neglected to mention in my other post is that you can also earn ECFs from defeating Guardsmen during ACCLive matches. For more details about the Crucible you can scroll down and read my post from last week :P

2) Were planning to start a GMRG competition shortly after Thanksgiving. There will be a good number of events and plenty of oppurtunities to earn loyalty and ECFs. Its important that everyone whos interested in remaining in the GMRG participates in this competition, especially anyone who was recently added to the roster. Hopefully this competition wont suck :P

3) A few weeks ago Goatham and I discussed the future of the GMRG and some of the changes we would like to implement. Sarin and I havent really had an opportunity to discuss any of those changes in great detail but ive been informed that its on his list of things to do. In the meantime ill be focusing on getting the GMRG active again, processing new recruits, and running some competitions.

4) While its true my expectations of Guard Captain are extremely low, Braecen has exceeded my expecations with his plainly mediocre performance as Guard Captain. I, myself, can only aspire to be just as active as him as CoG. As a reward for his paltry efforts, Braecen has been elevated to the rank of Guardsman III. Congrats! And you can find the "other" Guard Captain huddled in the corner crying after his harsh beating whips psyko repeatedly. Thats for stealing PCON from me beotch!!!

5) Last thing... the GMRG is open for applications again. Just login and there should be an option to submit an application.

Congrats Braecen ;)

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