Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

Week #2 is in the books and I see light at the end of the Projects Tunnel. Several projects were completed this week and several more are nearing completion. Here is a quick status report and a few other notes. <p>

Watch out for the Poker rant!<p>

Big Slick: If you are a fan of Texas Hold'em, you will know that Big Slick is a phrase that means you are holding an Ace and a King. This is a very advantageous hand to hold, but unfortunately it is statistically the hand that the most money is lost on. My advice to all of you small game players out there, never chase Big Slick past the flop. You are asking for pain if you do. <p>

Speaking of Big Slick, I play in two regular poker games. The first game is a five man weekly affair attended by Captains from my unit. The second game is a bi-monthly affair and is a collection of guys from my neighborhood. This week saw me win big on a seven high straight in an "all in" head on situation and then win again later in the week on a flush. In both situations I beat a guy who was holding Big Slick. Hehe. <p> <p>

Praetor: If you have read the News page, then you know I selected DA Doni Tzu Tarentae as my Praetor. A few people have asked me why I selected Donitz, and the answer is quite simple. He is honest and he tells me the truth, even when I do not want to hear it. Donitz is also very familiar with running large scale competitions and his primary duty will be helping me prepare the Great Jedi War. His secondary duties will include listening to me piss and moan and keeping the magistrates locked in my closet. Congrats Donitz! <p>

Projects: Several are in the books. Here is an update:
<p> 1. KCB and Society of the Envoys: Sent to Jac for review. This proposal contained three courses of action for the future of the Society and the KCB. Recent conversations have called into question the purpose of the Society and how it relates to Clan Autonomy. Results of the proposal will be released shortly. <p> 2. Saga of the Clans: Finished. Macron and Orzon cleaned up the DSC Clan Histories and it has been approved for publication. <p> 3. Antei System: The Antei System description is due to Jac on Tuesday of this week. M:DGM Raken is handling the final revisions and the finished product looks very good. The document now stands at 41 pages and details the history of the Antei and Antares system. <p> 4. Core Exams: The new Core Exams are due to Jac and I on 15 December, 2006 for review. Anshar and his team of writers are working on the project as we speak. This update to our Core Exams will bring the tests in line with the changes that have occurred in the Dark Brotherhood over the last several years. <p> 5. Leadership Evaluations: I have sent the Dark Council, Consuls, Tribunes, and Society Leaders the document that will be used to evaluate their performance from this point on. This document was created by Kir almost a year ago and was one that I used during my time in Plagueis. Each section of leadership has been given a timeline on when their evaluations will happen and you can find the dates on the DJB Calendar.<p> 6. Fleet and Army restructure: Donitz, Oberst, Raken, and I are all working on the proposed Fleet and Army restructure. We have just begun our initial conversation and hope to have a plan fleshed out fairly soon. The launch of this project is not going to happen for some time, but it will happen at a time that it is needed (/me winks). <p>

Nice Work: Nice work to Kaine on the RS. Nice work to Tron on the SB. Nice work to Korras on the GC. Nice work to Vladek and Ruluk on JH. Nice work to Rasilvenaira on SW and 1500 CFs. Nice work to Macron and Orz on the Saga. Nice work to Raken on Antei. Nice work to Selene on the GC. <p>

Done: Have a great week. I will see everyone on mIRC. </p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

I believe Kaine received a Ruby Scepter, not an Emerald Dagger.

Fixed. Hehe. You would think I would know the award since I wrote part of the recommendation. Thanks for catching my mistake.

Give the man an ISM for his troubles. j/k >:)

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