Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae (Sith) #6447

Aedile of Oriens Obscurum

House Oriens Obscurum

Clan Arcona_


Greetings Oriens Obscurum,

My apology, it's a bit late from schedule since last week my rl was like hell. Hospital roughness. I've just regained my strength today after obtaining some rest. Eh, but that time I was not as the patient. :P

Anyway, back to our beloved house, Oriens Obscurum , there are many things to tell, so I'll make them as short as possible to underline but with additional sections.

  1. The Office of HOO Quaestor is now vacant. Venquis has resigned due to his rl problem. Well, Ven, I hope you are okay there. Thanks to anything you've done to HOO

  2. Because of that I am now in charge to lead HOO as ad interim Quaestor until further decision from the Clan Summits being determined.

  3. BTL position for Bas-Tyra is open as JH Scryrone resigned. Since I've announced it in the house several days ago, the last date of application will be today (Nov, 27). Several hours more to catch.

The requirements for this position are as follows.

a. Must be a GRD (Guardian) or above to apply

b. Must have good communication ability (quick email turnaround time and a decent IRC presence).

c. Comprehend the responsibility of being a leader.

d. Include ideas to improve Bas-Tyra's performance.

Take note that Bas-Tyra is multi-ordered even though it has a Krath team, so ideas don't have to be focused on writing related activities only.

Send the application to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), Consul Strategos T. Entar ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Proconsul Koskian d'Tana ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). We will accept the applications until Monday, November 27, 2006.

  1. [HOO]Probe Decoder and [HOO]Face of Shadows are over. Congratulations to Dessie, Ashura and Scyrone as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Probe Decoder. Congrats to Vlamidir as the 1st in Face of Shadows. Such keen eyes to interpret. Medals are on their ways. Well, decoding message is tricky. One letter misplacement will result in meaning changes. However I thank you for all submissions, your activity has been recorded.

  2. The compilation of HOO history is still on process. Anyone interested should contact me, we have many things to do :)

  3. The Competition Weekly will be released soon. I'll manage to cross check with the ATR and the competition results.

As always, together we could do everything!


Recent changes to our neighbour house. KP Selene d'Tana appointed as QUA of Galeres! Congratulations! Followed by DJK Malidir d'Tana replacing her old position in Soulfire Strike Team, as the new Sergeant. Congrats.

A new alacrity has been added to the database. Check it out here

Some advancement news from the Dark Summits. DA Doni Tzu Tarentae appointed to P:DGM. KPN Enriyes Tenama promoted to DA. Congratulations!

From the Headmaster report, there is a new SA exams, titled as the History of Sith Empire II, released. SA Magistrate spot still opens. There will be SA run-on as well, so stay tuned for the next news.

From the Combat Master report, the next ACC Live! Ladder in on. Go sign up!

November MT will end at 30th. So hurry up to submit.

ICTE every Saturday as usual. Last Saturday All Star was our Con-man again. Congrats!

Move to the specific spots.



[HOO] Ven <3s CFs<sup> NEW</sup>

[HOO]Weekly Trivia

[HOO]Victor De Obscurum

[HOO]Legion of Boral

HOO Battle Teams

Extended time competitions

[Sacrum Diis] CapAction

[Pandragon] Commanders Quarters

Clan Arcona

[Arcona] The Venting<sup>NEW</sup>

DB Wide

November MT : "the Training" in fiction, poetry and graphic, Check the details.<sup>NEW</sup>

Fiction Tribune's Epic Competition, two months writing :D.<sup>NEW</sup>

Fiction Tribune's Halloween Competition, Check the details.<sup>NEW</sup>

Multiplayer Gaming Day in #dbgaming (Tuesday, Thursday, and other Sunday besides SIT). SIT! Hope we are going to have the news soon

ICTE every Saturday in #outerrim, check out the new events .



Welcome to APP Solace and APP Zylex Bo'Amar. Be at home :)


SBM Warhunter Arawn Entar to CP. Bye!


APP Zylex Bo'Amar completed : Marksmanship

APP Zeke : History of the Sith Empire I

ACO Vlamidir Vosmus completed : Training Saber Basics, ACC Initiates

ACO Jaxion completed : Training Saber Basics, ACC Initiates

JH Scyrone completed : Training Saber Basics


PRT Fionn dan Locut'Hal : Crescent with Emerald Star x2,

GRD JScumm : Cluster of Fire x5, Crescent with Topaz Star x1

JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae : Cluster of Fire x30, Crescent with Sapphire Star x2

OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor : Crescent with Sapphire Star x1


APP Zylex Bo'Amar promoted to NOV. Congratulations!

APP Zeke promoted to NOV. Congratulations!


DJK Desdemonea v KE Braecen Kunar – Desdemonea. Congrats!


APP Zylex Bo'Amar has finished his DB history.

DJK Ashura "Megos" Isradia received his warbanner.


Incredibly, 55 members so far. We will manage the efficiency and effectiveness soon.

(#155)Epis Alex d'Tana

(#25)Archpriest Timeros Caesus Entar

(#3247)Archpriest Vithril Isradia Kunar

(#4838)Prelate Rade "Venquis" Tamalar

(#4793)Templar Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

(#3651)Dark Jedi Knight Kalika

(#4057)Dark Jedi Knight Zadious

(#4195)Dark Jedi Knight Callus Bo'Amar

(#4297)Dark Jedi Knight Desdemonea

(#4764)Dark Jedi Knight Doku

(#4782)Dark Jedi Knight Ashura "Megos" Isradia

(#7986)Dark Jedi Knight Devarios Kirill

(#6352)Jedi Hunter Scyrone

(#6447)Jedi Hunter Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae

(#4817)Guardian Keno

(#4888)Guardian Jet Kasto

(#5648)Guardian Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr

(#5760)Guardian Bran Redmow

(#6702)Guardian Neophyte

(#7764)Guardian JScumm

(#5339)Protector Korenaga No Maragor

(#6404)Protector Rich Gun

(#7640)Protector Sight Nortorshin

(#8145)Protector Fionn dan Locut'Hal

(#7135)Acolyte Krakkenthrrar

(#7357)Acolyte Vangar Blade Tiger

(#7430)Acolyte Qu-Le Brog

(#7864)Acolyte Granack

(#7914)Acolyte Calap Drian

(#8038)Acolyte Jaxion

(#8098)Acolyte Vladimir Vosmus

(#5983)Novice Sacche Tuhl

(#6643)Novice Aidyn Wolfwood

(#8007)Novice Seti Armon

(#8175)Novice Nefarious

(#8193)Novice Zeke

(#8197)Novice silus

(#8274)Novice ZylexBo'amar

(#7963)Apprentice Kath Banon

(#7977)Apprentice John

(#7992)Apprentice Xester

(#8035)Apprentice itachi

(#8051)Apprentice Newil Jeti Ravr

(#8065)Apprentice Kyron

(#8077)Apprentice Tranos

(#8093)Apprentice Aggy

(#8155)Apprentice Kalani Jay

(#8156)Apprentice Kama Adri'tya

(#8163)Apprentice Badkarma

(#8212)Apprentice darrien

(#8226)Apprentice Zolnierz Romek

(#8230)Apprentice tsu kratos

(#8243)Apprentice Loyde

(#8259)Apprentice moreke

(#8275)Apprentice Solace


Arcona Website

Promotional Guide

Master/Student Program

IRC Guide

Leadership Guidelines

HOO Messageboard


Preparing for December, many competitions will come, enjoy! Congratulations to all of you who have shown a remarkable activity! Keep it up!

Contacts are always open to my email address and on IRC.

In Darkness,

JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae(Sith)/AED/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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