ICTE Tribune Report


ICTE Tribune Report


I have to admit, this last ICTE totally exceeded my expectations. It was a perfect day for gaming, and I’m glad so many people could attend and have some fun. This edition was the biggest in terms of participation since before the Great Jedi War, and I’m really impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm the members displayed on Saturday. I would like to congratulate everyone who played, DB and GE members alike, and let’s see if we can break some more records in the future. So, what made this edition so big? Just read the figures below.


  • 26 members

  • 19 DB players

  • 7 GE players

  • 150+ matches overall, 8 team games!

  • 360 CFs awarded!

  • Clan with most participants: Arcona (6)

  • Coolest special event: Moon!

To sum it up, more matches than the last two editions combined, and a plethora of CFs awarded, nice job everyone! And of course, like every competition, this edition has its winners. The top three placed in this ICTE are...


<span style="color:#FF0000; font-weight:bold">Cr-1R</span> Strategos Entar Arconae (45,33 CFs, 12 different people)<span style="color:#FFFF00; font-weight:bold">ALL-STAR</span>

<span style="color:#660000; font-weight:bold">Cr-1A </span>Ylith (43,00 CFs, 11 different people)

<span style="color:#0000FF; font-weight:bold">ICC</span> Munro Burton (36 CFs, 12 different people)

As these last few editions have shown, it’s getting harder to win an All-Star, but the harder the competition is, the greater the satisfaction of wining! Therefore, first place goes to Strategos, for the second time in a row, and his fourth ever All-Star distinction. Only two CFs away, making a splendid comeback to ICTE, Draken-Korin 'Ylith' Elariël Romanae obtained second place, with 43 CFs. And in third place, and the receiver of an Imperial Combat Cross, GE’s Munro Burton! Excellent done to all of you, you’ve once again raised the bar for future All-Stars, and I’m confident next week will see a similar contest for the first places.

Before I end this post/report, I would like to acknowledge the success of the new special event, Moon Duel, for it was arguably the highlight of the night. Almost everyone tried their hand at wielding a lightsaber while floating uncontrollably in the air, and team games were a blast to participate in. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it, and played it so much, I’m sure those who haven’t tried it already will next week, and those who have, will enjoy it next weekend as well! It’s always good to take a break from regular gaming and just hover around trying to dodge blaster shots :P


The CFs have been recced, and the website updated with the latest spreadsheet as well as the All-Star list.


Lucius - JA

Munro Burton - JO

Selene - BF2

Fun facts
<li>Bane played a total of 24 Moon games, making him earn the title “Moon junkie”!</li>

<li>Strat is the only acting Consul to have won two consecutive ICTE editions!</li>

That’s all for this week, see you all next week, happy duck hunting and blaster dodging!

ICTE Website: http://icte.starwarsalliance.com/

IRC Guide: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/irc_guide.asp

Karel Bruth`Kothae

ICTE Tribune

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