Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

  1. Just a reminder about the GMRG Crucible. You can win an ECFs for beating Guardsmen during Tuesday/Thursday gaming (best two out of three matches for JA/JO/RC or one match for ACCLive/BF2/EaW). Just email me the match results ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Guardsmen who participate in a crucible match also get loyalty regardless of whether they win or lose.

  2. The GMRG has picked up 10 new Inductees since my last report. The GMRG is still accepting applications for anyone whos still interested. My goal for the GMRG is to have about 25 members who are consistently active and no more than 50 active members total. If youve sent an application already and havent gotten a response yet go ahead and resubmit it.

  3. Anyone whos new to the GMRG can get started on the first two trials on the GMRG website. Its an easy way to pick up 50 loyalty. The trials are optional though so if you decide not to do them I dont really care :P

  4. Ive been working on a GMRG competition, I wanted to start it sometime around Thanksgiving, but I spent most of Sunday writing up my final lab report for this semester and I still have a major term paper ive gotta finish this week. So plan on the GMRG competition starting next monday (December 4th).

#4: You slacker..... :P

I never denied being a slacker :P

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