Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Report #27

The view screen showed the face of Al’Meda Zarco. She was sitting in a pilot’s chair and focusing at a distant object, not the holonet uptake. He voice was terse but full of life.

“Greetings Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This Report is made from…” A blast, as if from an exploding ship lit Zarco’s face, its glare turning the dark hair to highlights of deep red. She squinted, but did not turn her head, as the visible light was dampened by the craft’s canopy window. “…the field.”

“Since our last report, we have encountered interlopers who arrived not transmitting on the proper channel. They have been dispatched. For their efforts, the following medals have been awarded for the first phase (OOC = week) of our efforts:

PRT Xerxes – Crescent with Emerald Star SBL Crix – Crescent with Topaz Star DJK Ricco – Crescent with Quartz Star

The rewards of this mission are just beginning.”

OOC – Remember that one must post at least twice in a week to be eligible for a nedal that week!!! The run-on is found here and is open to all members of Taldryan:

“In other news, DJK Ricco Vao has completed the History of the Sith Empire II course at the Shadow Academy. And, a big ‘Hooray!’ goes out to our own Joshman for beating Judge Rasilvenaira StormRaven in the first rung of the ACC Championship Ladder. Wookies Rock!”

“Baron Zarco is no longer with the ACC. He’s one of us now.” Al’Meda smiled and looked to her side, presumably at the former Judge. “He’ll be working on his new job as Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master.”

The sound of flight-to-flight communications could be heard cracking from her headset. Her attention was diverted for a moment to course corrections. “Steady on our approach. I suggest no sudden movements.” Her attention then came back to her field report.

“We have several members, including ‘heavy hitters,’ from Taldryan already participating. Crix, Fire Knight, Vodo, Syn and Sorrow, Xerxes, Joshman, Ricco, Baron Zarco and I are just ready to land upon the Vergesso Asteroid and confront the Tenloss Syndicate for information.”

“That is all for now.”

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