Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

1) A GMRG competition will be starting within a day or two. I finished the website for it yesterday. I just gotta finish writing the story for it. Ill post details about it later in the week.

2) I awarded all the past due ECFs from last Thursday's Crucible. And the roster has been updated with all the new loyalty amounts.

3) A couple new inductees were also added to the GMRG roster. We're still accepting applications too. If you didnt get a response regarding your application it probably means you didnt make it past the first application phase. But that doesnt mean you cant resubmit your application (try not to resubmit it more than once a month though). The response time for accepted applications generally isnt more than a few days so if you dont hear from me youll know yours got rejected :P

4) DA Erinyes is among the new inductees. Hopefully she can help us further expand the fictional aspects of the GMRG. Braecen also wrote a short article about the GMRG for the DV; If possible we'll write a GMRG article for every DV.

5) There have been rumors going around that the position of CoG is going to be dissolved. This rumor has absolutely no veracity to it. I talk to Jac and Sarin regularly and I can assure you Im going to be CoG for a while to come :P

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