ICTE Tribune Report


ICTE Tribune Report


We are reaching the end of the year, only a few more ICTE editions to go, sadly. This latest edition was another successful one, although three crescents could not be awarded due to the same reason as past editions, the 7 people rule; I am glad to announce that the participation was very high this weekend, a record for the past month! Even more, we had another close fight for All-Star, with the difference being minuscule in the end. So without further ado, a summary of this December 9th ICTE…


  • 28 players

  • 21 DB players

  • 7 GE players

  • 92 matches overall, 5 team games

  • 190 CFs awarded!

  • Clans with most participants: Arcona (6) Naga Sadow (5) CSP (5)

Well done to the GE players for an excellent participation record, and to the three clans that topped the participation table!

And the winners are…


<span style="color:#660000; font-weight:bold">Cr-1A </span>Odin Vaaj Bruth`Kothae (22 CFs, 8 different people)<span style="color:#FFFF00; font-weight:bold"> ALL-STAR</span>

<span style="color:#0000FF; font-weight:bold">ICC </span>Hel-Pa Sklib (21,67 CFs, 8 different people)

Rasilvenaira had the highest CF count, but failed to pass one of the two requirements for All-Star: play seven different people, either in 1v1 games or team games, and get at least 12 CFs. I cannot emphasize the first rule, it is the reason people cannot get their just rewards most of the time. I encourage everyone to keep track of how many different players they have encountered, even if it was only one game, it still matters. Rather than playing three long games with only one person, use that time and play three with as many different opponents. Once you have seven people, you know you can at least receive a medal for your hard work.

The score sheet indicates this edition was extremely close in the end, I wish there could be two all-stars but, on such occasions chance plays an important role in deciding the victor. Odin takes this ICTE by a mere .33 CFs, and wins himself a spot in the ICTE hall of fame. This is his first, and hopefully not last, ICTE title. And in second place, Hel-Pa Sklib, who preferred to play for the GE, wins himself an Imperial Combat Cross for coming in second. In such times, frustration can get the better of you, but all one can do is try better next time, game more, and focus on your task at hand. Congratulations to you both, and to the rest of the players, for another intriguing ICTE edition.


The CFs have been recced, and the website updated with the latest spreadsheet as well as the All-Star list.


Xayun - JA

Malidir - BF2

Stay tuned for some surprises soon, keep gaming, stay sharp, and I’ll see you all on Saturday!

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