CoG Praetor Open for Applications


CoG Praetor Open for Applications

Below is a list of requirements that I am looking for in a Praetor. Please touch upon each point in your application.

  • Extensive experience in multiplayer for X-Wing Alliance OR Jedi Knight 2
  • Ability to be on IRC at various times of the day/week
  • Ability to host MP games with a high-speed connection
  • 24 hour mail turn-around time
  • at least six months experience in the DB, and have held some sort of command position
  • Ability to work well with mylsef and various other DB members or members with other clubs.
  • Any other abilities or experiences which may help your application. You may also include references if you wish

Should you apply, you must be comitted to be here for the long-term. You will mostly be involved with the running of the GMRG and Guilds, but you do not have to be in the GMRG at this time. All applications go to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I hope to have someone chosen by my next report if possible.

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