Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Oriens Obscurum Aedile Report #1

19 January 2007


Panarch Mansion, Tol Mustanen, Vardor

Her Ladyship, Bondswoman Isabelle Lutah, stood before the Panarch of Tol Mustanen. It had been less than an hour ago that Ashura Isradia arrived on Vardor, and she knew it the moment she heard he was here that it wasn’t going to be good news…atleast for her.

“How long are you staying for?” Isabelle asked as she watched Ashura type into a datapad that he had brought with him. “Just tonight,” he replied without looking up, “there are urgent matters do be dealt with, nothing that concerns you though.” Ashura then placed the datapad on the desk he was sitting behind and looked up at Vardorian woman. “The reason I am here, which I know you must be dying to know, it because his Excellency has finally arrived at a plan to strike back at your old House.”

Isabelle Lutah sighed, as she knew this was coming. The day she had dreaded finally arrived. You see, Isabelle had once been an Archcountess and the head of Minor House Lutah. However, that all changed when Edegar Isradia (the former Panarch of Tol Mustanen) formed an alliance with her for support, believing that Ashura had killed Grand Duke of Vardor in a power play in order to take Tol Mustanen away from him. In truth, Jonaleth Isradia had taken action to reinforce Tol Mustanen defenses. Edegar had no military instinct and was a coward when it came to fighting. Isabelle double crossed Edegar, and killed him. House Lutah then took control of Tol Mustanen.

The Imperial House had battle hard to retake Tol Mustanen, but at a terrible cost that left Ashura emotionally wounded and seeking revenge. His Vardorian lover, Bondswoman Nara Kane, had been murdered by Isabelle during the struggle to retake the city. There had been a bloody showdown between Ashura and Isabelle.

Isabelle had been unable to stand up to the fury of the Tusken and was defeated. However, instead of killing her, Ashura tortured her in the city square using the horrifying techniques that all Tusken Raider’s used when torturing their captives. By the time Jonaleth arrived at Tol Mustanen to punish any traitors, Ashura had subdued the leader of House Lutah to renounce her title, and her leadership of her House. He had totally destroyed the cunning, angry, viscious woman that Isabelle had once been. To further humiliate her, and to seal her fate, Isabelle’s life was spared if she swore an Oath of Loyalty to the Imperial House, in Mardorin (the native language of Vardor). Not wanting to die, Isabelle swore the oath and became a Bondsman to the Isradian House. She had then been assigned the duties that Nara Kane once held before her death; Handmaiden to Panarch Ashura Isradia, and Caretaker of Tol Mustanen (during Ashura’s absence from Vardor).

“Isabelle!” Hearing her name brought the Vardorian woman back to the present, as saw that Ashura was looking at her with his intense blue eyes. “As I was saying, Master Isradia has come with a plan that will bring House Lutah under the Imperial House’s control. And you, my dear Handmaiden, are going to be directly responsible.” A smirk spread across his face, and Isabelle could tell that she was not going to like this one bit.

What Ashura said next, he said in Mardorin, as he knew that the effect would scar Isabelle far deeper than if he had said them in Basic, “Vasa imtan, vasa chison bonvard, I itai milon sun lomas.” The colour drained from Isabelle’s face, and her who body began to tremble as fear filled her. She was oath bound to obey the command. The Bondswoman dropped down to one knee as she bowed before Ashura, and replied in Mardorin, her voice trembled as she did, “Vah, vasa Hemtah, son imtah itai dutoh imtan.”

Isabelle rose and looked at Ashura, and he nodded. “You’re dismissed, Handmaiden”, he said to her as he turned back to his datapad, which happened to be his Aedile Report for House Oriens Obscurum. Isabelle bowed her head and turned around to walk out the door. As she walked out of the door, Ashura looked up at her and called out, “I’ll see you tonight, Isabelle.” There was a small smile spread across his face.

Dark Greetings Oriens Obscurum,

Here is my first Aedile report for you all to read, I hoped you enjoyed the little fiction above, just something to put us all in the mood for the feud. Don’t ask me what the Mardorin translate too, as that is an Isradian secret. :P

OK, this report covers what has happened over the past seven days (12th to the 19th).


Feud is coming!!!

Ashura Isradia becomes new Aedile.

Drodik Va'lence al'Tor becomes new Rollmaster/Envoy.


Ashura Isradia is promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Sith Warrior


OT Drodik: Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

JH JScumm: Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

SA Exams

None at the moment.


KAP Timeros Caesus Entar victorious over DA Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama in ACCLive!


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APP Dragula

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Heres the catch, You MUST write it as a newspaper article. Or even column

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Start Date: 1/16/2007

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Awards: 5th Level Crescents

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Awarded by Ashura

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[HOO] Death – Winner: OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor


Holding steady at 41 Members

155 - Epis Alex d'Tana

25 - Archpriest Timeros Caesus Entar

3247 - Archpriest Vithril Isradia Kunar

4793 - Templar Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

4782 - Warrior Ashura "Megos" Isradia

4195 - Dark Jedi Knight Callus Bo'Amar

4297 - Dark Jedi Knight Desdemonea

5760 - Jedi Hunter Bran Redmow

7764 - Jedi Hunter JScumm

4817 - Guardian Keno

4888 - Guardian Jet Kasto

5648 - Guardian Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr

6702 - Guardian Neophyte

5339 - Protector Korenaga No Maragor

6404 - Protector Rich Gun

6643 - Protector Aidyn Wolfwood

7640 - Protector Sight Nortorshin

8038 - Protector Jaxion

8145 - Protector Fionn dan Locut'Hal

5201 - Acolyte Jair

7135 - Acolyte Krakkenthrrar

7430 - Acolyte Qu-Le Brog

8098 - Acolyte Vladimir Vosmus

8193 - Acolyte Zeke

8175 - Novice Nefarious

8197 - Novice silus

8230 - Novice tsu kratos

8259 - Novice moreke

8274 - Novice ZylexBo'amar

8156 - Apprentice Kama Adri'tya

8212 - Apprentice darrien

8226 - Apprentice Zolnierz Romek

8243 - Apprentice Loyde

8304 - Apprentice tormak

8318 - Apprentice Melkior

8334 - Apprentice lixarn

8346 - Apprentice Reapsta

8349 - Apprentice itz Attaks

8366 - Apprentice Rhoden

8412 - Apprentice Naius

8425 - Apprentice Dragula

Just a reminder that the Weekly Trivia is still going on, so far I have had NO entries at all, so come on people. Trivia’s are fun and easy to do, plus it helps you improve on you Star Wars lore.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you this week. I hope you have enjoyed the report…I do aim to please. And remember. Feel free to e-mail me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] if you have any questions or queries at all.

In Darkness,

Warrior Ashura Isradia

Aedile of Oriens Obscurum

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