DSC Tribune Report


DSC Tribune Report


Hello all. Here’s a short update from the DSC Tribune. Right now, we are feverishly working on the Orders part of the DSC. It is about two-thirds complete, and after the usual editing process we should have it up soon. After that, we’ll progress to the Dark Council part. Compilation of that data is already underway. That will mean the first Book of the Compendium will be complete-huzzah!

My great thanks to Orzon, my right hand man, and congrats to Canis Loopus, our newest staffer. remember, if I can be of service to you or you have a question, just ask.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the Sith Order part of the Tri-Partite Path:

“The term “Sith” originally referred to a race of reddish insectile humanoid beings inhabiting the planet Korriban. An encounter with the Rakatans early in their history during the reign of the Sith’ari (Lord, or overlord) King Adas led to the extensive use of Dark Side power, as well as the techniques necessary to create holocrons for knowledge storage and personality encoding. The mighty Dark Armor-clad King Adas fought off the treacherous Rakatans with his own evil power and drove them from Korriban at the cost of his life. Now, the Sith were free to be corrupted. “

                                    cheers, Macron  


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