Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

HSK Envoy Report 01/03-1/23

This is my second report¡Kwoohoo! The first was released when I wasn¡¦t RM (you didn¡¦t miss much :P) >.> Anyways, it¡¦ll be arranged same way as the last one with a goodie at the end (doesn¡¦t everyone like goodies?)

AWoL¡¦d Members: DeathsDesign666, Aon artimis, Chromosome, Qordis, Maxsuel, Jaevin Tuoraey, Ares, Darken Rahl, Crait.

New Members: Shadorf, azatec, Moloch Argantes, Rannik Sidie, Welcome¡Kbe active!

Members Transfers: Daniel Stephens to CSP, Au Revoir.

Name Change: Johnny joined the al¡¦Tor family, Congrats.

New Galthain Commander: Johnny Tyr GrayWolf al¡¦Tor, Good luck ƒº

Members who have no recorded activity: 8456 Rannik Sidie

                                                              8439 Kyokai  

                                                              8423 azatec  

                                                              8392 Shadorf  

                                                              7619 Senka Rakesh  

                                                              7737 Arcadian  

                                                              7759 Koga Kage  

                                                              4993 Garik Burren  

                                                              6389 Tek Cicero Dante  

And now activity, by member. Please if you¡¦re APP-PRT (or higher if you don¡¦t have a Master), send me a log of your activity so we can record it for your participation. If you don¡¦t tell me, you won¡¦t get the points for it.

8453 Moloch Arantes: Passed AOL IM (1/23/07)

8286 Electra Kais: CrE, 1st in the Galthain Motto Comp.(1/15/07)

8332 Josalyn Cregore: CrT, 2nd Galthain Motto Comp (1/15/07)

                                     CrQ, 2nd Galthain Logo Comp (1/15/07)   

                                     1 CF, SIT (1/22/07)  

                                     Passed the ACC Initiates Quiz  

                                     Passed Training Saber Quiz (1/12/07)  

Promoted on 1/12/07 to Acolyte

                                     Promoted on 1/18/07 to Protector  

8338 nariah: CrE, 3rd in CP Xmas Comp: Christmas Song (1/05/07)

                 CrQ, 3rd Galthain Motto Comp (1/15/07)   

                 CrT, 1st Galthain Logo (1/15/07)   

                 CrE, 3rd SuperCon (1/21/07)   

                 1 CF, SIT (1/22/07)  

                 DB Website Quiz  

                 IRC Basics Quiz, not graded yet  

                 Promoted on 1/18/07 to Protector  

9211 Johnny Tyr GrayWolf al¡¦Tor: CrT, 2nd Victus Motto Comp. (1/08/07)

                                                   CrT, 1st SV Target Practice (1/15/07)  

4851 Vexer: DC, For being an awesome, hard-working leader (1/09/07)

                CrS, 2nd SuperCon (1/21/07)   

                CrE, 2nd Master Who? (1/21/07)  

                Participated in Crosswords 1-3  

7288 Kaliidrad ¡§Kal¡¨ Vorrac: 1 CF, SIT (1/22/07)

5362 Achilles Theophilus: CrE, 1st Victus Motto Comp. (1/08/07)

6749 Gaius Julius Caesar: CrQ, 2nd SV Target Practice (1/15/07)

                                          CrA, 1st Things that go Bump (1/21/07)  

5552 Devani Maharet: CrE, 2nd "A Meeiting¡K" Comp (1/10/07)

                                1 CF, Tues/Thurs Gaming (1/13/07)   

                                2 CFs, ACC Eraser Comp (1/20/07)  

                                Particpated in Crossword 2 and 3  

                                Promoted 1/14/07 to Sith Warrior  

4554 Dante Armand ¡§Sunflash¡¨ al¡¦Tor: DC, Active and Good leader (1/14/07)

                                                          CrA, 1st SuperCon (1/21/07)  

                                                          Defeated Kal in the ACC (1/13/07)  

6124 Famosus Aspicio: DC, Hard worker and all that jazz (1/09/07)

7337 Dax Corrin: CrQ, 3rd Victus Motto Comp. (1/08/07)

4215 Quejo Bandon: ECF, GMRG Crucible (1/03/06)

                                 8 CFs, Sunday Gaming (1/08/07)   

                                 7 CFs, Tues/Thurs Gaming (1/13/07)   

                                 3 CFs, Wed Gaming (1/18/07)   

                                 DC, GMRG (1/17/07)   

                                 3 CFs, Friday Gaming (1/20/07)   

                                 6 CFs, SIT (1/22/07)  

                                 Achieved Dark Maven (1/20/07)  

                                 Lost to Lan Lost to Halc Defeated Raven (1/07/07)   

                                 Defeated Niman (1/09/07)  

3151 Silent: 1 CF, Tues/Thurs Gaming (1/13/07)

               Lost to Aabs (1/16/07)  

1316 Vessicant: Conducting ongoing Writing Course

Props to Quejo, leading the House in activity. You can¡¦t say your Quaestor isn¡¦t leading by example. Props also to nariah, with being 2nd in terms of activity.

In closing, the goodie I promised:

In Eternal Darkness, Devani Maharet

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