Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

      Satal Victus Report

        Battleteam Satal Victus   

   Report for 19/01/2007 to 25/01/2007   



There's a pretty new Cluster of Fire pic for all your dossiers. If you don't have any check out the news page for a look.

I'm working on some new fiction to add to the BT wiki, as well as some pics to liven it up. If any of you want to help with the writing or drawing just drop me an email :)


Major pwnage by Victus members this week! me does happy dance My inbox was flooded with people gaming and placing in comps:

Caeser placed first in Aabs 'things that go bump in the night' comp and got himself a C/Amethyst. Great job mate!

Kal and Jos both got themselves a CF for participating in some gaming. excellent work guys!

I got two C/Sapphire's, one C/emerald, and won an ACC battle (but only cos the other guy forgot to post :( i hate when that happens.)

But, this weeks drinks are on one of our newest members: Nariah!

With one C/Sapphire, one C/emerald, and a CF Nariah is off to a flying start. Keep up the great work mate :)


Continue participating like breeding rabbits (ie: like there's no tomorrow). we've got just over a month until things start heating up with the RoS, and GJW following that.


Our team ** wiki page **

Our team ** message board **

The ** competitions page **


There's still one/two days (depending on where you live) to get an entry in for the SV Holiday comp. No entries so far :( but seeing how busy you've been does let me know that you haven't fallen off a cliff and died.

and look for a writing comp once SV Holiday finishes.


This weeks funny/quotable quote pay homage to the military with some ** jokes and truths **


Great job everyone! It's awesome to see Victus getting out there and not only participating, but placing in several comps! It makes this little BTL so proud gets all blubbery my little BT is growing up so fast :P

GRD Vexer

CMDR 'Vex' - First Grand Pilot of Victus

Satal Keto of Plagueis


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