Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Plagueis Proconsul Report

January 26, 2006

Archpriest Valerian di Plagia Orzon

Current News

Many competitions have come to an end but never fear, many are still in the works. Everybody needs to start giving their all so that we can be successful in the upcoming DB competitions!

Welcome to all our new member this week: darth thessims, Moloch Argantes, Uzenagi, Arias Vorak. We look forward to having you as active members of Clan Plagueis!

Awards and Activities

Congratulations to those who have received something below. ;-)


Mayda Ferium: Novice

Moloch Argantes: Novice


Dante Armand "Sunflash" al'Tor: Crescent with Amethyst Star (A), Crescent with Sapphire Star (S), Crescent with Emerald Star (E) x2

Devani Maharet: Cluster of Fire x2

Dismal Visutor al'Tor: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Legion of the Scholar

Gaius Julius Caesar: Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

Josalyn Cregore: Cluster of Fire x1

Kaliidrad "Kal" Vorrac: Cluster of Fire x1

Ky Terrak: Steel Cross

Laigerick Sithelhood: Cluster of Fire x13, Crescent with Amethyst Star (A), Legion of the Scholar

Mayda Ferium: Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

Moloch Argantes: Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

Nariah: Cluster of Fire x1

Nariah: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Crescent with Sapphire Star (S)

Niman Master: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Crescent with Topaz Star (T)

Quejo Bandon: Cluster of Fire x10

Tyren "Ryuujin" Zin: Cluster of Fire x1

Tyren "Ryuujin" Zin: Cluster of Fire x3

Valerian di Plagia Orzon: Crescent with Sapphire Star (S) x2

Vexer: Crescent with Sapphire Star (S) x2, Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

Vladet Xavier: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Cluster of Fire x8

SA Courses

Mayda Ferium: IRC Basics, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Grammar

Scorpius: Dark Maven

Aabsdu: Dark Maven, Dark Savant

Quejo Bandon: Dark Maven

Moloch Argantes: AOL Instant Messenger, ACC Initiates

Laigerick Sithelhood: Test of Wisdom

Uzenagi: Force Alchemy

Projects and Plans

The majority of the projects are nearing completion. I could use graphic designers still but I am out of things for writers to do, sorry guys. If you know some graphic writers please send them my way! I want to thank all those who have assisted in these projects. You efforts are greatly appreciated!

Orz’s Chat

I’m very happy to see the activity within the clan at this time but it can always improve. Let’s see even more participation in upcoming activities! Keep up the great work!

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