Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Hello everyone,


Well, Erinyes has put up a new clan wide competition.

The Battleteams will be asigned on missions. Each battleteam will have it's on Run On where it solves the mission.

The Best 3 Battleteams get crescents, and the is a nice artifact for the winning battleteam.

If some of you plan to return to activity this would be a cool moment for doing so cause a high participation of many members of the Battleteam surely give plus points when judging the Run Ons. So check on the message board.

Well, I hope to get up a few smaller competitions for the battleteam in one of the next reports.

Nothing too amazing or exotic, but a good way to show some ativity to your superiors.

Medals or Promotions in the last week:

Protector Xerxes to Guardian

(Congrats Xerxes, with some effort and luck you may be the first of the current members of the Dark Fire Brigade that reaches Jedi Hunter and gets DFB BTL for your trial :) )

To the current competitons:

DB Wide:

Well looks like the boss is looking for a new design for the Dark Covenant:


End date: 2/4/2007

SA Trivia:


End date: 11/2/2007

And the epic fiction competition from the quaestor:


End date: 2/1/2007

Clan Wide:

(NEW) Clan Cooperative Run On (as mentioned above):


End date: 2/23/2007

Fire-Knight still looks for a few volunteers to deal with people he don't likes:


End date: 3/17/2007

Taldryan's frag fest is also going on, 1 on 1 and team games



End date: 2/3/2007

Tal Trivia:


End date: 12/31/2007

The Hunters:


End date: 2/17/2007

House Wide:

Donno if Fire Knight still does the Dinaari Bi-Weekly Caption Comp, now that he is in Archanis, well we'll see:


End date: 2/19/2007

May the force be with you,

Michael Arkarso

DJK Michael Arkarso (Obelisk)/SGT/Dinaari of Taldryan


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