Consul Report


Consul Report

Brothers & Sisters of Darkness...

We have spent the last seven days in rest and relaxation. I have to offer my congratulations to the Gamers of CSP once again, the Clan placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the Sunday Individual Tournament. Over the past 4 SITs they have played 591 matches... the rest of the Brotherhood has compiled 470 total matches. This means we are finding ways to be active and contribute to the Clan - a positive sign in the upcoming Vendettas. Speaking of Vendettas...

Let us begin with...

The Message

CSP will be, tomorrow, starting roughly three months of pure, high-caliber activity in the Dark Brotherhood. We will start the smallest level of Vendetta tomorrow: Clan Feud. Our skill and activity will be challenged by Clan Arcona... I ask that each of you take this opportunity to understand the dynamics (way it works) during this small event so you will be prepared down the road.

After the conclusion of the Clan Feud, we will be given a short break... then we start the Rite of Supremacy! This will test individual skill through a series of events and the final results will play a large part in where we start the Great Jedi War - the Seventh Great Jedi War.

The Great Jedi War is the ultimate in pride, prestige and boasting rights in the Dark Brotherhood. In the past GJW the Clan placed 4th... this was due, in large part, to the lack of participation. However, we are a different Clan now... a more active, dominant Clan - full of active go-getters! And through your relentless participation, we shall become the Champions of the Seventh Great Jedi War!

New Members

The Clan and Brotherhood require new ideas, progressive thought and a continuous stream of active, participating members to advance the Clan within the Brotherhood. While there is the occasional Transfer from another Clan... it is often the new recruits that offer our best chance at success and growth! So I continue to ask each of you to make them feel welcome and special... because they could develop into the next Grand Master before our eyes!

NOV Azi Dahaka of Acclivis Draco

APP Zelev Rotceh of Acclivis Draco

APP Atatchi of Acclivis Draco

APP Nekerium of Caliburnus

APP Bopo Lolo of Acclivis Draco

APP Lithas Pota of Caliburnus

Welcome to the family! You are now a member of the Royal Clan - Scholae Palatinae - Servants and bodyguards of the Late Emperor Palpatine

Scholar of the Week

The Shadow Academy is a great tool and asset to further one's understanding of the Brotherhood, The Expanded Star Wars Universe and Leadership within the Brotherhood. In the early stages (APP, NOV, ACO) it can be a useful tool to explain the basic elements of the DJB. For the older members it is simply a way to expand their own, working knowledge base.


Participating in a single course since our last report - 4 individuals - Cethgus, Predator, Dirus & Azi. Doubling up and completing two in the past seven days was Kalak Ragnos. Going above and beyond, passing three courses, were Ohika & Dreamer.

But there can only be one individual who takes home the honors... and it goes to one of our newest members! Passing History of the Sith Empire I, Marksmanship, ACC Initiates & Obelisk CORE... Silith is Scholar of the Week!


Internet-Relay Chat (IRC) is the second (after e-mail) most accessible asset/tool within the Dark Brotherhood (DB). As a new member in the DB, IRC can provide you with real-time answers to real-time problems/questions. In fact, I was once a new member that spent countless hours on this chat service picking the minds of my Quaestor and Aedile for every facet of the Clan and DB.

Download mIRC:

Our Server: Undernet

Our Channel: #Scholae

DB IRC Guide:

Download it today, come join us!

On the Horizon

Our Clan Projects are important works that help ensure we have a rich, deep and meaningful background; however, without participating in the actual events of import within the Dark Brotherhood... history will not look kindly upon us. So, at this time, all non-Summit project managers/participants are to place their work on hold in an effort to help us with the Clan Feud.

Work will resume on all projects as soon as the Feud is concluded! Use the time to brain storm new ideas, sort out old ones and help shape the Clan in a truly fundamental way.


Participation, participation, participation... the best way to advance in the Brotherhood is through constant activity in the form of competitions, societies (ACC & DBPA) or assisting your Leaders. If you ever have a question about a competition, contact your House or Clan Leaders immediately so they can help you sort everything out and advance through the ranks!

If our Core Members step forward and commit to helping the Clan succeed... we will be unstoppable over the course of the next 3 months.

Oh... and the better we do... the better the shinies are!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns... please contact me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Thank you for your time and attention!

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kunar

Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Braecen Kunar (Krath Epis) / CON-GC-EP / Clan Scholae Palatinae

[GMRG: RG3-G] [PA: Elder] [ACC: CE:1]

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