Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Allllrighty then! ICTE and SIT have been steadily increasing lately, and the Outer Rim Wars have finally started! On the weekends, check out #outerrim and play against someone for a different club and get points so the DB can pwn everyone else. I got 5th place in the last SIT, so that was pretty cool. The CSP/Arcona feud started, but no one gives a shit about that. The new CF design is pretty sweet looking. First round of the gaming ladder matches are almost over (I one in that as well). The second round of the Bryar Bowl has commenced, so wish the Tally's luck in that. the big thing right now is the OWR, so everyone participate in that if you can.

If any of you bums read your email, you'll see that Erin has released the BT run-on competition. The link is here: . This time around, I'd like to enforce a strict posting order so we know what the f**k we're doing, and Vodo and I will collaborate as to what the plot should be flowing and I'll release a "Here's what to do" type thing every time I make a report; if you guys are totally messing it up, I'll send one out during the week at some point. You have three days to make a post, and if you don't, the next person will take over that spot and make a post and simply skip over the prior person.

The posting order this week will be:

  Hel-Pa Sklib => Vodo Biask => Nexusmage => Kierkkadon => DarkAmiz => Ravan Dark  

The general plot this week will be:

  We prepare all of our weapons on the ship, get our Force sense attuned, etc. with the one hour we have. By that time we should be on our third or fourth post. I'd like the next person (whoever it is), to post us exiting hyperspace, and then having the transport along with our starfighers covering us, descend onto the planet (probably going to be a smooth landing). After that, I'll release another plot command and go from there,  

Now for everyone's favorite:

(No time this week, sorry).

Hasta la vista.... behbeh.

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