Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Crimson Vanguard – Report #4

Al’Meda Zarco’s report came by audio only as she had prepared it and then sent it by burst transmission to all concerned.

“Greetings. Since my last report Fire Knight and Daar Kareth have been hard at the work of war. For their efforts Fire Knight has been awarded five Clusters of Fire and Daar Kareth has been awarded twenty-eight Clusters of Fire. They are true warriors.”

“Back here at the base, our efforts to go about ‘Cleaning Out The Closets’ has commenced. Fire Knight, Ricco, Baron Zarco and Anik Koran have come along for some trigger time. Be sure and get involved there. We need to get our home base squared away.” [OOC: Here’s the link ; Remember, you have to post twice in a week to be eligible for a crescent. Also, don’t be shy. Have some fun with this!]

“Out in space, the threat of Admiral Lanar has surfaced. The Crimosn Vanguard has been tasked with taking the Cotelin Squadron, six Scimitar Bombers to destroy the Admiral’s picket of Strike Cruisers. My battle plan is here This is Taldryan-wide and essential to Taldryan’s security. We will be well rewarded when we prevail. Do not miss this opportunity to excel and become a part of Taldryan’s history. Be there!!!”

Also, for all you killer’s out there, go get some in Fire Knight’s assassination game.

“That is all for now.”

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