Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

-(Ravana Squadron)-

Yes I realise this report is late, but I was sick as a dog over the weekend and had no intention to work myself while I was in that state. Anyway, moving on welcome to my first report as Ravana CMDR!! YAY!!! Muchos to talk about to all of you. So lets begin.


Yes this much is true. QUA Derev has resigned due to personal matters and has appointed his legacy, QUA Shikyo to take the reigns. Shikyo has decided it would be best to allow applications for AED instead of appointing one. His requirements were posted already, and I am sure will be posted again in his report so pay attention to the new QUA reports for details.

-=(Promotions / Awards)=-

A VERY VERY BIG congratulations to our newest Knight of Sadow, Maol. He has reached the rank of DJK at last. May your knighthood be a grand journey for you Maol, well done and well deserved promotion friend. Enjoy the privs of the rank, and watch out on how you activate your lightsaber. Dont want to wrong end facing you.. ..Also bigs congratz on that Cresent too!! I wish I had one.. cries

Congratulations to Daunte Gin who has worked his way up the ranks quickly and acchieved ACO. Despite the fact he is my brother, Daunte has proven to me that he will be a very big part of this clan one day and will make great strives for us. Keep up the great work Daunte. You will now be leaving us here at Ravana and moving on to your next part in your journey in the darkness.. ..Avatars of Death Squadron!! Good luck Daunte!!

-=(CMDR's Review)=-

Well its been a decent week considering I just got the job, and unfortunantly I've had alchohal poisoning over the past several days. Its good to know that I can trust some of our members to continue forward with their training even when I am not there to push them from behind. It is these people that will one day lead our house and clan, and perhaps our brotherhood. For those who have sat and continued to do nothing.. are growing close to AWOL. I will be e-mailing you all once again after this report and if you choose to ignore it than you can pry just expect a transfer over to the reserves as Naga Sadow is a clan of growing prosperity and we have no room for those who want to feed off our success and bring none to the table for themselves. Ravana Squadron is the easiest place to survive in the brotherhood, and there is no reason why you guys havent responded to any of my attempts to contact you yet. So I will be speaking with Roll Master Vladek soon to go over what measures we will be taking should you not respond soon. Other than that, great week guys and sorry Ive been so sick. Gratz to those who are promoted and awarded and may the darkness guide you!!!


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