Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Children of the Sword,

In our moments of great triumph, Clan Arcona has taken action against our clan. This months focus is plain and clear; Defeat Arcona. We have recently reacquired the legendary weapon Caliburnus, giving us perfect drive to enter battle. The quest has finally brought about a herald success. Now, the youth and the new House Caliburnus can prove our worth. There are many outlets to our success in this feud. One of which is gaming opportunities, the other is through the use of the pen. Writers and Gamers, now is your chance to shine. This leads me directly to the Monthly focus.

Monthly Focus

The obvious monthly focus deals with the Feud between our beloved Clan and the insidious Clan Arcona. As a proud Sith House, pride is an important issue. Remember, our goal is the betterment of the Sith Empire, not for the rabble between Clans. For those of you with aims more like me, the betterment of self is also at hand here. This feud will say that our House has some of the best in the Brotherhood. As previously mentioned, the two major outlets are writing and gaming. I believe that House Caliburnus has some of the best in both categories.

For the Gamers:

The first pieces of the Feud deal with Gaming. Here are all the opportunities you gamers have:

[CSP/ARC Feud] Event 1


[Gaming] JA/JO Individuals (1v1)

[CSP/ARC Feud] Event 2


[Gaming] Other Games Individuals (1v1)

[CSP/ARC Feud] Event 3


[Gaming] Team Matches (2v2, 3v3 & 4v4)

I suspect that the JA/JO event will be full of all you saber packing, Bryar blasting, E-11 incinerating, gamers out there. Join the Feud channel #ARCvsCSP and find a willing participant. When you are done, report your scores on the feud site, here: http://djb.borkweb.com/vengeance

For the Writers:

[CSP/ARC Feud] Event 4


[Short Fiction] Tempers Rise

[CSP/ARC Feud] Event 5


[ACC] Entities Clash – Be sure to email Braecen to sign up for this by Monday!!

For the ACC Event, Challenges can be sent at 1:00 AM EST on January 30, 2007. Find some opponents and write yourself a win. You are allowed to participate in four separate 4 /+2 duels. A Challenge can only be declined if three duels are active. Check your character sheets and write!

In the News:

The House has been active for the last two weeks. We have had some promising young ones join the House including Silith Kylaxo, Lithas Pota, NEKERIUM. Welcome to the House! Primarch Mage has also joined our beloved House. Welcome!

Note from the Quaestor:

If you are struggling with being promoted, Participation in the Feud will help you tons! Drop me a note with what you are participating in. That way I can work some paper magic for you all!

To end my Report, I have a plain charge.



Darkfully Yours,

SBM Thran Occasus (Sith)/QUA/Caliburnus of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:2]

GC / SC-SoA / AC / DC-KC-O-CS / (GN) / Cr-4S-5E-2T-1Q / CF-BlF-RF / SI / SoL / LSB / S:-5Al-3D

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