ICTE Tribune Report


ICTE Tribune Report


Outer Rim War Event number 2 has recently ended, and unfortunately, it meant a mere third place for DJB, and we find ourselves in the position to give up a planet to the winning side, the Imperials. This means we are back at square 1, with every faction having 4 systems each. A defeat is sometimes, logical, due to multiple factors that may or not be dependent on the players. However, the manner in which we lost has made me write this report, because I feel we’re doing something wrong. And after reading some of the comments on the news page, it made me even more certain of the necessity of this.

So let us examine the past event. Although the DJB won the club standings, our faction came in last place. At the end of the weekend Imperials came out first place with over 1000 points, Rebels in second with 823, and Sith with 758. I’d like to take this opportunity and say that I feel this ranking is unfair, because I believe we should be in the lead, just like it happened last week. And yeah, I haven’t been helpful this weekend, far from it, but I admit my mistake, and it will certainly not be repeating itself. But this isn’t about me, it’s about our entire organization. We have the potential to dominate our adversaries, but most of us ignore this, either by playing just one or two matches then doing something else, joining the other side or by not coming at all from fear of losing.

JA players: Hardly any showed up. I understand that, for some, personal medals don’t matter all that much compared to clan rewards. This is not the case for Outer Rim War. No. This is much greater than that. This is a chance to shine on an inter-club level. If playing inside your own house, clan, club means a lot for everyone, then competing against members of 7 different clubs is in a league of its own. I know most players think they’re better off not coming because they will lose points, but losing does help in its own way, and it certainly tops not participating at all.

JO players: It’s a well known fact that the Imperials’ main platform is JO. It’s also a well known fact that we do have quite a few JO masters, in saber duels, guns, and let’s not forget CTF, as Taldryan players have demonstrated, they never lose a match when they put their minds to it. So what’s missing? More participation, more duels, more CTF. It’s the same as JA, it’s better to play and lose than not play at all.

BF2 players: I know you’re out there. And I also know you’re all an important part of the gaming community we have. There hasn’t been much BF2 so far, but whenever someone did want a match, there was nobody from DB in sight. I can think of quite a few players that could wreak havoc in the battlefield, and considering the fact that it’s worth double points, I’m asking everyone that has the game to come out and play, maybe you won’t find an opponent immediately, but just give it an hour, that’s all that’s needed in most cases.

EaW players: The RS are dominating this section of gaming, and I think we could also get some points from this if only players would participate. I even saw a 3v3 EaW match this weekend, so as far as finding opponents, it’s not an issue at all. If you think you can’t deal with the 1v1, then team up with someone and play 2v2, or 3v3 against RS or GE players. It would really help us all out.

In conclusion, nobody can make you play games if you don’t want to, but I’m only underlining the fact that we have the potential to go all the way and beat all our opponents, yet we don’t even try because we don’t think we’re good enough. It’s time to be confident, time to think of everyone in the DB as your team-mate, as your brother in arms.

The Outer Rim War is much more than simply an ICTE event, maybe it’s completely different than past editions, I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t around. But I do know that the other clubs, RS, GE, VE, NR5F, all consider this a massive opportunity for recognition, and all of them just want to play for their club because they think it’s natural. Think of it like the World Cup in soccer, or the Olympics. It’s a chance to show what you’re made of, to earn some substantial medals, and at the same time, do well for your side.

At the end of the day, we are a team; this is a challenge that has been presented to us. Do we just walk away from it, say we don’t want to do it because we could fail? Or join the other side, because it’s fun to be in the winning team? How about if this was an RoS?. Would you have switched back and forth between clans to get points if you were allowed to? I don’t think so. Most will contradict me by saying we have clans, as opposed to a more unitary system in other clubs. Number of members is also a factor. But if this is true, can people argue we are losing this battle because we have too many people that just can’t get along? Strength lies in numbers, but also in unity. While the other clubs have managed to mobilize their players by the second week of ORW, we apparently, did not. But there is still time. If there is any shred of unity left in this club, we can win this. It won’t be easy, and there’s always a short cut to take until you reach glory.

I know we have many schedules of events, RoS or GJW in the upcoming months; however, this war is just as important as those. We can wage battle against one another almost constantly, but the only way we can prove that we are strong and cannot be divided is to engage in this war against other adversaries, other organizations, under the flag of our Club.

With that said, I wish everyone good luck next week, and let us show everyone that DB is a force not to be reckoned with!http://www.orw3.net/results


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