DSC Tribune Report


DSC Tribune Report

DSC Status Report: ACC, CSP Update, Transparency, and More

Hello My Dark Jedi Friends. Let me update you on the status of our current works.

·The ACC portion is due to be released this weekend. Thanks to Canis and Dalthid.

·The CSP History in the Saga of the Clans will be updated soon per their recent history release. Thanks to Orzon and Braecen. The DSC is a living document, and this reflects that policy.

·Our Tripartite Path write-up is in the review stages, with some minor edits needed, etc. More on that later.

·The fictional DC background write-up is in stage two, with an extensive re-write in progress. I am handling this.

·Research is being done on the Shadow Academy part as we speak.

Sometimes it seems a little slow, yes. Transparency is a good thing, so here is how we roll (as Muz would say):

First, there is a Master Plan for the chapters. Each subject has to be researched and compiled, background created/modified, and the pages themselves to be written. Canis and Orzon work hard (they rock with Dokken!), I write as well, direct the project, and am the person that is first in line to hear what edits or re-writes are needed and catch the flak. Jac and Sarin torture me regularly on Antei (just kidding, they are nice-don’t tell them I said that!).

For example, the tri-partite path rough draft is 13 TNR 12pt. pages long, written in 3 parts by 3 people. The Clans Saga was 17 pages, and involved tracking down all the right sources to find current data-not an easy task. Many emails are sent back and forth, websites read, appropriate persons consulted, etc.

I love you Wiki folks. You rock, too.

Then, the material is presented in a rough form for initial review to the GM and DGM. These guys are very busy, and yet they take the time to make sure it looks acceptable and fits the idea and framework they had in mind. They have the ultimate final say on what does, and does not fly.

Next, the material is passed on to the respective Praetors for fine-tuning and detailed review. These guys make sure it is right, and back us all up. They ensure that the final result is good. They return the documents to us.

And honestly, it usually isn’t the first time around, as with many forms of writing. That is why editors exist in the real world. This is just the way it is with a project of this scope- if no one piped up and said “This might need to be fixed.” I would seriously worry that something got missed.

So, the process gets repeated until things are done to the satisfaction of everyone involved. It takes a bit, but good things are worth waiting for. If I can ever be of service to you, or you may have a question, just ask. Thanks again to all that have helped!

                                                         In Service of Darkness, Macron  

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