Consul Report


Consul Report

Introductory Address

Esteemed members of Clan Plagueis,

First off, my thanks to all of you who have and will congratulate me. ;-) I’d also like to thank everyone here for your overwhelming support during my Proconsul days and assuring that I did ascend to reign over Plagueis. And without further ado, the fun part of my Consul introductory address. :P

It’s time to get excited! Now is a great time to be in the Dark Brotherhood. We just witnessed a smooth transition of Grand Masters and I must say, Sarin will bring the DB to a new age and you will all be here for it. As for the near future, the Rite of Supremacy followed by the Great Jedi War is right around the corner. From what I have seen so far they look extremely promising and I have no doubt that we will do quite well if you all give Plagueis your best. ;-) In the coming weeks, before these vendettas, Plagueis will be preparing for them to a greater and more obvious degree. So get ready!

The excited decree also needs to continue with this next section. There are many new projects on the horizon that the Plagueis Summits will be working on. Some projects include leadership training, Feudal system revamp (to make it more elite for all of you), clan awards (special items you can use), and resurrection of the Plagueis Chronicle. There are many more and I have no doubt more will be in the works as we continue on in the future.

I don’t want to bore you or cause you to lose your excitement :P, so I want everyone to know that my office is always open to any of you. I am more than willing to help you all with anything you need, even the most simplistic of tasks. I am also more than willing to listen to ideas, comments, concerns and the like that you have with or for Clan Plagueis. We must all work together to assure the success of Plagueis continues onward and upward…

KAP Valerian di Plagia Orzon (Krath)/CON-EP-DSC/Clan Plagueis [KSOE: KCE]

SB / GC-PoDP / AC-ToSL / DC-BP / Cr-13A-18S-17E-4T-6Q / DSS-AuL / SI / SoL / LS-PL / S:-1D

{SA: KS: ToL - AS - AIM - ICQ - IRC - IRO - MSN - GL - LA - LF - ACC - CM - SC - D: KCORE - TW - ATW - FA - FP - HS1 - HSII - HSIII - PRH - MED - KP - AP - RO - GS - O: SCORE - ST - ISET - ESET - CSS - AST - K: OCORE - TS - LS - MRK}

DB PIN: #6642

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