Aedile Report


Aedile Report

AED Report 1

DB News

GM Jac Cotelin has stepped down as Grand Master and returned to Clan Taldryan!

Sarin has replaced Jac as the newest Grand Master of the Brotherhood.

Sarin is taking applications for DGM (details on the news page).

Tal News

Duga has released a new CON report (you can read it through the link above).

Duga is taking apps. For Tal PCON.

Archanis AED Zarco has stepped down.

Dinaari AED Odium has also stepped down.

Ekky News

Not a lot going on here…




-February MTs


-Tal: Dominance Through Blood

-Tal Trivia





-Zach Tachyon APP –> NOV –> ACO

-Kierkkadon ACO –> PRT


-Boba nil – To CSP

-APP dragoon – From SA

-APP Sorren – From SA

-NOV Ravis – From Rogue

-APP Craka’duce – From SA


-DJK Sklib – 2 Cr-Qs, Cr-S, Cr-E, 26 CFs

-DJK Vodo – 3 Cr-Qs, LS

-SW Vardar – Cr-T

-GRD Joshman – Cr-E, 3 Cr-Ts

-OP Chaos – Cr-D, 22 CFs

-KAP Nexus – Cr-R, 19 CFs

-SBL Smoke – 4 CFs

-DJK Menace – 1 CF

-GRD Sorrow – Cr-S


-ACO Zach Tachyon – Lightsaber Studies, Marksmanship Studies, Photoshop

-DJK Vodo – Sith Empire III

-APP Sorren – IRC Basics, IRC Operator, MSN Messenger

I think that takes care of everything, if you see anything I missed, just shoot me an email and I’ll get it fixed up for you.

DJK Menace (Obelisk)/AED-EP/Ekrosis of Taldryan [GMRG: IND] [ACC:LJUD]

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