Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

HMR Rollmaster Report #26 - Depature of the Duo

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After the retirement and departure of two of Vladek's friends, he felt somewhat down. Accepting that new blood could not be a bad thing, Vladek contented himself with his position, and bided his time...

Master Student Pairings

Below are the following master/student pairings at the current time:

Shikyo - Deprimereus

Raven - Imperial

StarLion - Dragaff (checklist)

Ylith - Tyren

Vladek - Daunte Gin, Velkan (ooc)

Below are the free masters who can take on a student or two:




Wiki Development

House Marka Ragnos Rollmaster - Master Student Pairings

House Marka Ragnos Training Program


The roster stands at 32 Members. This is an decrease of one from last week.

One Elder

Eleven Equites

Two Knights

Eighteen Journeymen

Macron is the new PCON! Looking for a new Envoy and new BTL, should be nice to have some new blood in HMR...

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