Consul Report


Consul Report


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<title>CON Report #1</title>

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  :: Clan Plagueis CON Report :: </td>  

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        ::  **From KAP Valerian di Plagia Orzon**  ::   

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Clan Plagueis




Obviously the biggest news this week was my appointment to Consul of Clan Plagueis. Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me and already given me support, I greatly appreciate it. For more info please check out my introductory address:

I received several very good applications for Proconsul and I must say the decision was not an easy one. However, taking the upcoming events and future situation that Plagueis will be in, I have decided on appointed Dante Armand "Sunflash" al'Tor as the tenth Proconsul of Clan Plagueis. Congratulations, Sunny!

With Sun’s ascension, House Satal Keto Quaestor is now open to applications. Applicants should have a 24-48 hour email response time, appear on IRC a fair amount, and be ranked DJK or higher. Please send applications to Sunflash and me with plans for the RoS/GJW, other short term and long term plans and why you would be the person for the job.

At this time I would like to recognize our former Consul, Aabsdu. His dedication to the clan through the effort and work he has given to it is tremendous. In addition, Aabsdu is extremely active and has already jumped onto several projects for the clan after his resignation. Therefore, without further ado, it is my honor to appoint him to the Council of the Wise as Swordmaster of Clan Plagueis. Congratulations, Aabs!

Speaking of the Council of the Wise, there have been some recent “issues” behind the scenes. Therefore, I have compiled additional sections to the Council documentation to specify its role and various other previously understood items that were not explicitly stated, but now are. If you are interested in seeing the changes, they can be found on the CotW Wiki Page: ;-)

Another honor this week that is a new Prodigy of Plagueis. It has been several months since a Prodigy was appointed, considering I am still the reigning one. :P The new Prodigy is someone who has demonstrated his ability as an extremely active, motivated member. In addition, he has shown his aptitude as a leader early on. So congratulations go out to Niman on receiving this great achievement of Prodigy of Plagueis!

Another note, the Summits have prepared lists of those members deserving awards. I must stress that Plagueis is a clan that awards its members for their activity and exceptional achievement. All you have to do is be active. ;-) And I give my pre-congrats to all those who will be receiving something! Let’s increase the awards next month!

Special congratulations go out to Niman on his ascension to Dark Jedi Knight. Niman has been a very active member of Clan Plagueis and will undoubtedly be successful in the future as Aedile and beyond.

Unfortunately, this week has seen the departure of Laigerick Sithelhood, former Exar’s Shadow BTL. Laigerick was an active and very successful BTL, he will be missed but we eagerly await his return! If you are interested in the ES BTL position, please submit an application to the HEK Summit!

Competitions are good. Competitions get your activity. Activity gets your promotions and medals. Therefore, do competitions. ;-) Also related to comps, please send out notices about your competitions to the appropriate unit that can participate. Otherwise, most people will not know it is running. In addition, the monthly comps (SA, ACC and CF) have ended for this month, start today for March and medals have been awarded. ;-)

Welcome to our new member this week: Thanatos, Virulence Bezatyne Isradia, Zhar Shan, Rade "Venquis" Tamalar, wra, Havik. We look forward to having you as active members of Clan Plagueis!

Awards and Activities

Congratulations to those who have received something below. ;-)


Niman: Dark Jedi Knight

Wuntila: Novice

Arias Vorak: Protector

Moloch Argantes: Protector

Mayda Ferium: Guardian

Brijha Mortashka: Guardian


Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor: Scroll of Foundation x2

Arias Vorak: Crescent with Topaz Star

Dismal Visutor al'Tor: Crescent with Sapphire Star (S)

Jaden Kyrath: Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

Josalyn Cregore: Crescent with Sapphire Star (S)

Kaliidrad "Kal" Vorrac: Anteian Cross

Korroth Karn: Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

Laigerick Sithelhood: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Crescent with Sapphire Star (S)

Mayda Ferium: Crescent with Topaz Star (T), Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

Nariah: Cluster of Fire, Crescent with Emerald Star (E) x2

Niman: Crescent with Sapphire Star (S) x2, Crescent with Amethyst Star (A), Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

Quejo Bandon: Cluster of Fire

Scorpius: Scroll of Foundation

Seti al-Shadim: Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

Valerian di Plagia Orzon: Scroll of Foundation

Vexer Thrace: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Anteian Cross

Vladet Xavier: Crescent with Emerald Star (E), Crescent with Amethyst Star (A)

SA Courses

Korroth Karn: Conflict Mediation

Nariah: Conflict Mediation, Leadership Studies

Wuntila: Obelisk Core, Test of Wisdom, Lightsaber Studies

Seti al-Shadim: Test of Wisdom, Force Philosophy, Training Saber

Niman: History of the Sith Empire I

Sahk nehm: Astronomy

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An updated project list will be announced soon…

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        :: **In Dark Service to the Brotherhood** :: </td>  

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Big happenings occurring! Keep up with the news and stay active! In addition, I am going back home for school break. My activity should not change substantially.


<font color="red">Krath Archpriest Valerian di Plagia Orzon</font>

<font color="red">""The OrZ Experience""


                 ::Life and Death through Darkness ::  


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 ** :: Clan Plagueis :: **</td>  

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