Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

      Satal Victus Report

        Battleteam Satal Victus   

   Report for 23/02/2007 to 1/03/2007   



Our Clan has a new Consul, congrats to Orz on getting the job! He will no doubt do great things. Consequently we also have a new Pro-Consul, congrats to Sunflash on his appointment! Because of that we are now looking for a new Qua for Satal Keto, if you fit the bill go apply for the job.

Many congrats this week to Niman for not only reaching the milestone of DJK (w00t!), but also for becoming the new Prodigy of Plagueis! His outstanding efforts have earned him this prestigious title.

Our former Con Aabs is the new Swordmaster of Plagueis, so go congratulate him on his appointment to the Council of the Wise.

Nariah has a new email addy: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] so be sure to update your email lists.

The Order of Keto is back up and running again with all of the current members coming from our very own BT roster. (again w00t!) Congrats to Kal, Quejo and me.


The biggest news this week (for my twisted mind anyway) is the closing of Galthain, and it’s active members being moved to Victus. So welcome to Wuntila, Moloch, Rayne, Crait, Arias, and Quejo. We now have a full roster and therefore better ability to kick-arse, even more-so then we did before!

This just in: KY resigns from HEK QUA, so that position is also going to change.


Tons of stuff this week, most of it from Nariah.

The drinks are definatly on Nariah this week since she got herself a C/Emerald in the Darkness Descends comp, a C/Emerald in the Weekly poem comp, and another C/Emerald for the monthly gaming comp. for which she also got a CF. She also passed two SA courses; Leadership Studies with a 72, and Conflict Mediation with a 95! Excellent work Nariah!

if that wasn't enough for you:

Arias got himself a C/Topaz for the weekly poem comp, a C/Amethyst for the Shadow Training comp, and drew his ACC battle against KAP al`Lan Mandragoran. Great work mate!

Kal got himself a well deserved Anteian Cross for all the effort he's put into this club.

Wuntila passed Lightsaber Studies with an 89. Great job mate!

and your humble BTL got a C/Amethyst for the Darkness Descends comp, a C/Emerald in the mid-week scramble, and an Anteian Cross. I feel so loved, if i had a tail it would be wagging :P


Participate in the Run-on Kal has set up, you'll find it on our message boards.

Also, new people get your last minute entries in for the Phoenix falls comp, linky of specs below.

and there's a new Victus comp running, Temple Treasures, linky also below.


Our team ** wiki page **

Our team ** message board **

The ** competitions page **

The ** Temple Treasures ** comp.

The ** Phoenix Falls ** comp.


RoS is looming ever closer, so go practice your gaming skills, participate in comps, qualify for the ACC, pass more SA courses, basically do whatever you can to get ready! Plagueis is going to whoop arse!


This weeks inspirational song comes from My Chemical Romance :P enjoy ** BLOOD! **

And if that wasn't enough for you, check out these ** footy stuff ups ** See the 'professional' players at their worst :P


phew that was a long one. great job guys! that's what i mean when i say i want my inbox flooded with activity :)

Also remember to CC me on all comp entries so i know who's done what.

JH Vexer Thrace

CMDR 'Vex' - First Grand Pilot of Victus

Current Order of Keto member

Satal Keto of Plagueis


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