Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Sword's Sheath Command Priority Transmission 036902H-63

Encryption Code:Amber

Public Key:file /excised access Sigma/

From:Battlemaster Windos Helkin Bruth'Kothae, Commander of The Praxeum, House Gladius of Tarentum

To:The Praxeum /and immediate superiors/

Subject:04.03.07 Report

Classification:RESTRICTED (BGX Directive)

//start file//


With the conclusion of the Tarentum War Games it is time once again to recognise the active members of our Battle team.

Levathan placed first in a house level competition.

Telona placed first in a battle team competition.

Dox got a number of Crescents of Fire and place in two events during the War Games.

Kazarelth passed four Shadow Academy courses, place four in a house level competition, won three battle team competition and came second in two.

Good work Praxeum.

In Darkness,


//end file//

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