Consul Report


Consul Report


Report time it is. This isn't the biggest one, but it has important

information included, plus an update on me. EPIC!

1) Rite of Supremacy: Second Darkness

It's almost over. We have several events finishing up Saturday and the last on Sunday. I want to say a huge thanks and excellent job to everyone so far. We really pushed this one, even with me being somewhat out of it communication wise. Proconsul Shadow has done an awesome job keeping everyone updated as well as other House leaders. Don't give up yet, just one last push and we can take this home with a big win. Here is when things end.

Debate Event - 11:59pm EST, Saturday

Our debate team has done an amazing job keeping this up, now we are in the finals with Clan Plagueis. Both sides have posted their openings, now closing arguments are due Saturday and that will be done. Awesome work again there, especially to Jac leading the team. Finish up strong there guys!

Fiction Event - 11:59pm EST, Saturday

We have really done an awesome job here, as you guys have heard and seen. I know CSP is pushing their guys to finish strong here in the final round, so we can't give up yet. Four members have submitted already, we need to pimp this out. Lets him 20 members this time at least, with 18 and 16 from the past rounds, I know this is reachable. For those that haven't jumped in the RoS yet, check this out. If I can write up a 3 page story then I KNOW you guys can. We don't want to give this up to CSP do we?

MP Ladders - 11:59pm EST, Saturday

Great job for those playing so far, there is still time to pwn these up and grab 1st place basically securing our win in this competition. Moving up in the EaW and Misc Ladders are the key, and we must keep our spots in the others. The Team ladder is getting close, so look for those in #DBGaming too. If you have EaW, RC, JK, XWA, XvT, jump on and try and get some games for those ladders that we are very close in. So let's scramble these final 2 days to maintain what we have and conquer the others! All we need is good participation!

Battle Plan Event - 11:59pm EST, Sunday

This is the very last event we have going, and it is just as important as the others. Shadow, Jac, and Yacks are the main forces behind these. If you have thoughts or any suggestions, let them know soon for our Clan Battle Plan. You guys can still do individual plans for your own participation in the competition, but I hope you do fictions first as they help you and the Clan at the same time! I know we will have a pwntastic Clan plan; we have some wonderful folks working on them.

ACC Event - When it's done

Matches are weeding down. You can't start any new ones, and we currently have more than a dozen left open from Taldryan. We should do better in the ACC then we usually do, an amazing job for those participating. We should see this pretty much over by the beginning of the week.

That's it, right down to the end. This competition only started on the 15th, but it's been a tough one for me and others. A final thanks to everyone that's contributed and a call to a strong finish. What we really need everyone to do is work on fictions, do gaming ladders, and finish up ACC matches if you have them. Another major victory for Taldryan is in sight, we just need to grasp it. Let's all give it all we can. Participation has been great, we have 30+ members involved across all the events in some way; I'd love to see that hit 40+. If you haven't helped yet, there is still time! Look for several updates between now and the end for sure, from both Shadow and me. We gotta push till the end! =P

2) DB News

The RoS has consumed the news pretty much since the 15th, but there are a few things that need to be noted.

The Outer Rim War 3 has come to an end. We concluded our efforts in it after capturing most of the systems except one that the Rebels had. Awesome work to those that played from Taldryan, it wasn't the best of Inter-club competitions, but it was okay and ended with us pwning as we should.

Grand Master Sarin announced the delay of the Great Jedi War in his most recent report. This is actually good news. It gives us time to rest from this competitions going on, finish up some projects including the new Promotion guide that will be out next week, and do some fun competitions. The GJW was scheduled to be from mid-April to mid-May, but looks to be June now most likely. This'll give everyone in school time to devote to finals and other end of grade activities which is cool. We'll be ready though for it once the GJW gets here.

The hosting company I use for the Tal JO Server and the Kr'Tal JA Server has moved to new, faster servers recently. With that both have new IP Addresses so update those favorites.

Clan Taldryan JO Server: Pass: Talpwnz

Kr'Tal Gaming Server (JA Server): Pass: DBROX

3) My EPIC Battle

I've had a tough two weeks on my end. I've been in contact with Shadow mostly everyday, or every other day, and I've been gaming some and doing fiction plus overseeing things, but my communication level has been down as you all should know.

I've had some rough work loads in real life, plus finishing up my House renovations (still a few small things to do). On the 17th we had a very bad happening that didn't help us at all, my mother fell about 12 feet through an attic. Thankfully, she didn't just fall down through, she held on with her arms before falling, so this could have been a 16 foot drop to the garage floor. She landed on her feet, braking one ankle in two places and basically crushing the heel of the other foot. After a week in the hospital from swelling and an infection she had surgery on the ankle and is now home, unable to do much of anything. She won't be back to work for at least 6 weeks and even then it would be very limited since the foot with the heel damaged won't be ready to go yet. So this has taken up a good bit of time from all the family, and will still for some time. Very bad situation there that could have been worse and thank God it wasn't.

It's been a tough two weeks as said, but times should be getting better. On the Tal front we'll have the new Clan-wide promotion guide out next week. We'll be updating the Kr'Tal system with new information soon, we'll do some fun and simple competitions, we'll be doing some RoS awarding, and hopefully enjoying our earnings from another great victory. Let's finish out this thing strong (how many times have I said that now? =P). Keep it up everyone!

For Taldryan,

Obelisk Exarch Duga Taldrya Arkarso

Consul and Son of Clan Taldryan

Planetary Viceroy of Karufr, Regent of the Kr'Tal System

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