Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

The first thing I want to talk about it my good recommendation project (praetor stuff soon!). I’ve gathered various rec’s and put them all together to explain why they’re good. I’ll release it whenever the editing and ok is done and given by Sarin and Halc. I hope this will help members in showing them how to write up a good recommendation, that way there’s a less likely chance of your rec getting denied.

Second thing I want to talk about is a new design for my war banner. I know I just got a new one but I plan ahead and so I would like to make a competition out of it (yes I stole this idea :P). I’m going to award third level crescents and use the best one in the near future. Use whatever design you think is fitting for the Master at Arms and send your submissions to jondixon03[at]gmail[dot]com. Please make sure to include your ID line somewhere in the email :) The competition will end on April 15th

Now onto what I’m sure most of you are reading this post for….praetor to the Master at Arms. First things first, being my praetor will be a long term commitment. Don’t bother applying if you think I’m going to retire in a few months so then you’ll have a shot at MAA. I plan on staying MAA for years to come. Also note that if a suitable candidate doesn’t make it through or one isn’t found at the end then I will not be taking on a praetor for some time to come.

The following are the requirements and how the selection process will go for my praetor.

Must be in the Equite ranks or above and have had AED leadership experiences or better.

I will be accepting applications for a week (until April 8th) and then I will contact those applicants that qualify. In your application you must answer these questions:

If you’re made praetor, what do you intend to do with the job?

Why do you think you’re best suited for being my praetor?

What ideas do you have for the office of Master at Arms?

What sort of skills do you bring to the table?

The next round will involve a week of quizzing. I will be making up recommendations for various medals and promotions. It will be the job of the selected applicants to read through each and tell me whether or not the award would be approved or denied, and reasons as to why it would be approved or denied. After that I will look through everything and make my decision.

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