Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Aedile Report: State of the House

YO all my minions! And a very good day to all of ya! :P As long awaited, expected and hoped for (well not really but you catch my drift) my AED report!


Week’s been busy with the RoS of course…here’s to hoping all you guys are doing great. I’m particularly proud of our gaming crew, who have managed to gain truly astounding levels of points on several of the ladders (and equally astounding CF’s, one would expect :P)

Of course the RoS is over now, though we’re not entirely certain on our spot in the great scheme of things. Again, here’s to hoping we’re all doing great.

We also got knocked out of the Debate…and I would like to thank everyone who has been there helping us. Specifically, I would like to thank Lan, Strategos, Etah, and Earnest for their bringing on a series of good replies. While we may have lost, we scared Jac. That has to be worth something ;)

Finally, we’ve had another slew of ACC Battles judged…won most of them, too ;)

Now, on to the medals/awards and all other things that indicate our awesomeness :P

Medals Awarded:

Well…the Outer Rim War medals have come in now that it’s over, so I’m proud to present you with the following:

1 Steel Cross was awarded to Dark Jedi Master Mejas Doto for his excellent Feud mentoring.

5 Seals of Dominance were awarded to OT Malidir for participating in the ORW

2 Seals of Dominance were awarded to SW Zandro Savric Erino for participating in the ORW

2 Seals of Dominance were awarded to DJK Wolvie “the jackal” for participating in the ORW

2 Seals of Dominance were awarded to OP Sashar for participating in the ORW

1 Seal of Dominance was awarded to JH Kieran for participating in the ORW

1 Seal of Dominance was awarded to JH Rho d’Tana for participating in the ORW

sniff I’m so proud! Congrats to all of you on your excellent work! :D

Medals Pending:

Well…RoS medals of course. Including Malidir the Machine, who’s seems determined to break the 4000 CF wall before anyone else gets 3000. Also starring Juda with third place for multiple fiction events, and many, many more!

And that’s not even counting the Merit awards. :P


None right now, but once the RoS is done and scores are tallied, we’ll be ready to go and get some dudes their well-deserved awards…you know whom you are.

Again, I ask all of you who think they have earned promotions lately to email me with their reasoning. If it has merit, expect a promotion within the day.

SA Courses Passed and ACC Qualifications:

Von Erich has passed: Astronomy, Conflict Mediation

As we all know, knowledge brings power brings hot chicks…well not really, but power is still good. Good job on the work done.


I would like to welcome APP Waze, the newest member of our grand and fine House :D

Also, the AWOL results are done…and we’re suddenly short 27 people. If you want to go and recruit someone…now’s the time :P Plenty of room

The roster stands at 36 people…you all pwn though, so that’s fine :D

In Closing:

Well…the RoS is over and all, and I must say, we’ve done better than I thought. Despite loss of members, we’ve gained a whole slew of old faces coming back, and others turning active in ways I never could expect from them.

Take it from…I’m proud of all of you. Let’s do it all again, and more, in the GJW.

Which, thankfully, will take a while ;)

In Darkness,

KAP Timeros Caesus Entar.

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