Unfortunately RL events are getting a bit mental at the minute, and I cannot dedicate the appropriate time to the DB any more. This not only covers my positions of CON of CSP and M:HM, but even general membership. As soon as this news post is done I will be requesting a transfer to the Rogues.

I would like to thank FireFox and Jac for showing such faith in me and giving me the opportunity to (re)take control of CSP after the split, keeping it open trying to rebuild it. With one house now fully operational and another well on the way, CSP is getting back in very good shape. Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet - this is totally down to the members of the Clan, and the leaders of the Houses. They have all one amazing work over the past couple of months and are all to be commended.

All of us who have come through the split should be proud of what has been achieved, and proud of the current DC who has led the way through what was thought t have been a difficult time. With their guidance it's been a lot easier than I expected it would be. The main thing to remember as you all go on with your DB careers is that we are all only here for one reason - fun. That and the Twi'lek dancing girls anyway...

sorry to see you go Cooch. IT was fun while it lasted. ill cya around and hope for your return ASAP.

I felt it coming. A loss for CSP, but we'll be there when you have time to return, bigger and better! And we'll still call you muppet...


Sorry to see you go man. You're one of the best, and surely one of the most loyal.

You are always the helpful sort, and I'm sorry to see you go.

We all anticipate your return =)

It's always a sad thing to see one of the good ones go. Cooch, you've been a great Consul and a great Dark Jedi and I can only hope that your problems will someday resolve and you'll be back amongst the ranks of the Brotherhood.

Doh... last time I heard this, I was your ProConsul and then took over. When I resigned... you came back to take over. Does this mean it is time to swap again? :P

Anyways, sad to see you go as I was losing the wedgie from sitting on the fence. But I came back, I told you I would eventually. Stay in touch as much as you can and now I look forward to your return.

Cheers mate,


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