The Sith Roll of honor


The Sith Roll of honor

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Darkness,

I gather you together today to honor those who have given much to the Sith Order and to the Brotherhood as
a whole.

Let all offer honor and thanks to these dark souls who's dedication to the dark side of the force is a
source of inspiration to all who tread the dark path.

Some of these people are people who I have rewarded myself others have been rewarded by others but all
are worthy of note.

Congratulations to your all on your awards wear them with pride and may your dedication to the dark side
carry to produce even darker fruit!

This list is by no means complete; if you know anyone who deserves some credit please let me know. (No Firefox I
am not giving you a medal)

Step forward!

Dark Jedi Master Zero!

Zero tireless investigated technical issues which were of benefit not only to himself and his house but to the
whole brotherhood.

Sith Warrior Lenzar Demonis Entar!

Lenzar has been a great warrior consistently taking part in competitions and also creating new and exciting missions
for his follow Sith to train upon and grow deeper in their understanding of the dark side.

Sith War Master Maxamillian von Oberst!

Who has helped lead one of the best houses of the Sith order and works on improving the order in the field of personal

Sith Warrior Rekio Corsair!

Who has worked tirelessly for his house and the order as a whole and will I am sure carry on this dedication as my new Praetor.

And last but certainly not least

Sith Warrior Vessicant!

Vessicant has led his house with skill and drive and never stops trying to improve his house.

Each of you has added to the Sith and the dark side and you have my personal thanks.

The Sith war starts this Sunday and I expect more rewards to follow that.

Live in the Darkness

Sith Warlord Predator

Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood

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