Interclub Training Event


Interclub Training Event

Hey folks! I'm somewhat back, so I wanted to let you all know about recent Interclub Training Club activity. First, this weekend will be the second week that Jedi Academy is supported in the ICTE, and I'd like to see you all show up!

Congratulations to Clan Arcona, which had the most members show up to play at the ICTE last weekend, stealing the Clan Taldryan crown for "most participants." However, Mordin, from Dinaari of Taldryan still had the most wins, making it two weeks in a row he has dominated the ICTE's weekly CF count.

Which Clan will be on top next? Come by and show up to play games and earn CFs! Remember, every victory as well as every three losses earn you a CF, and the Clan with the most members show up is recognized in my report, and superior individual performances are awarded with something extra... So come by at 4 pm EST in #Outerrim and have some fun!

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