The Sith War


The Sith War

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Predator woke up with a jump, yet again he had felt patches of light in the dark side, which permeated everything in the system, something was wrong.

With one swift movement Predator rose and dressed his robe of office flying across the room.

He nodded towards his personal guard he grinned back at him and then with a flick of the wrist and a touch of the force turned on his direct line to each of the Sith Quaestors.

Greetings were called out from each of the Sith, before Predator spoke, "Greetings my lord s I want a full report of your losses in the last week, there is a disturbance in the force."

Each member of the Sith council gave their casualty reports and strangely they were all very light.

Predator turned his back to the Quaestors and grinned and then turned to face them once more, "Clearly the disturbance is linked to this, you are Sith, it is time you started acting like it and kill each other!"

The peace had ended...
The Sith War was about to begin...

The Sith War will be a fun competitive war, the titles are up for grabs of First, Second and Third house of the Sith.

It is designed to be fun and easy to take part in so please have a go.

There will be four different types of competition each with different parts in.

Each event will carry a certain amount of points both for skill and taking part so even if you are not the most skilled person in the world you can get points for your house.

First Event

Single Player Points for taking PartPoints for wining
TIE 31st 10 2nd 5 3rd 3
XVT 31st 10 2nd 5 3rd 3
XWA31st 10 2nd 5 3rd 3

Also anyone who takes part in all three platforms will gain a bonus 3 point.

Second Event

Multi PlayerPoints for taking partPoints for winning
Either XWA or XvT1 per match 1st 20 2nd 10 3rd 5

This will be a ladder system of: -

Win 4 ladder points
Draw 2-ladder point
Lose 1-ladder points

I want to keep this low tech for a reason; so all matches must be reported to my e-mail address [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by the loser. Please remember to state the score and platform, each match must be at least 5 mins but bear in mind there is only one ladder which XvT and XWA not separate ladders.

Matches played at official competitions will get Clusters of Fire but you can play at any time (but no CoF will be awarded) I will post the results ONCE a week with my report and once a week only)

Third Event

Mission Design
TIE 51st 15 2nd 10 3rd 5
XVT 51st 15 2nd 10 3rd 5
XWA51st 15 2nd 10 3rd 5

Also anyone who takes part in all three platforms will gain a bonus 10 point!

Fourth Event

Fiction Points for taking PartPoints for wining
31st 15 2nd 8 3rd 5

The fiction should relate to a raid against another house within the Sith War other then that I leave all details to you. (Putting the SHW in and making him look great is always good though)

Final Event

HumorPoints for taking PartPoints for Winning
21st 10 2nd 5 3rd 3

Ok This is a bit of different event we all know the internet is a great place and has lots of humor (anyone who works in an office with internet access will know this) so I want you to send me ONE page which you think is funny, it does not have to be Star wars but extra points will be awarded for star wars humor. Please keep it clean (you can only send one entry so make that one clean but remember to send me ANYTHING which you find funny anyway)

General Information

All events will last until the official end date, which is ….30th of October 2003; the results will be released sometime in November (I am hoping by the 10th)

The normal Crescents for order wide comps will be awarded at the end as well general awards as normal for high levels of activity.

Other orders are welcome to take part but cannot win points or medals unless they have a Sith clone, however any other order players who help out may get a special reward from me.

I will also be issuing 3 Fair play awards to people who have a go, these will be given to people who really give their all. Remember if you are not great now, if you play a lot you become great.

The example which I always use is Shadow, when I first met Shadow he wanted to play JK and he was no where near as good as he is today (Hell even I beat him) and he kept losing but each loss made him a little better until the day where he owned almost everyone.

Above all have fun!

The only event, which will start late, will be the Single player stuff, which will start on Thursday.

Any major questions mail me directly; any questions, which you think everyone needs answering, post them on the Sith Message board on the main message board.

Your Brother in darkness

Sith Warlord Predator
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhoof

Yes :P


So it's started today?

So it's started today?

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