Dinaari vs. Kirleta Feud!


Dinaari vs. Kirleta Feud!

Whooooo! First time posting on djb.org! Yaaaaaaay!

Anyways, thats not the real reason for the post. The long awaited feud between Dinaari and Kirleta has started! This bitter rivalry goes back ages to....yesterday I think. Whatever. You can find information here:


Have fun!

P.S. Gooooooo Dinaari!

Someone doesn't want their green lightsaber graphic... :P

Anyway, why does Jives have to be unbiased? He's our PCON. :P

Go Dinaari, and Dark Fire.

Kirleta....All your CoFs are belong to us!

Die Dinaari :p

Talk about a biased post. GO KIRLETA!!!

I was never in Dinaari, so i would have to say


my first Obelisk House :-)

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