DJB New Year 2004 Extravaganza


DJB New Year 2004 Extravaganza

Fellow Dark Jedi,

the Seneschal and Headmaster office have recently noticed that there's one activity quite famous from our past that we have not yet picked up again since our liberation and that's meeting some folks in Real Life. Which is why we thought we'd change that.

The place: Near Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe (probably).
The time: December 29th to January 3rd.
The people: Any and all Dark Brotherhood members who wish to come.
The activities: LAN-based Sith and Obelisk gaming (with as many computers as we can get there), an open runon (one comp you can just sit down on and add to the text), some impromptu contests, music, party, having a good time and making new friends out of the names on the 'net. And we'll be lenient on the Code of Conduct. If Jaccity Jac approves, we'll even hand out medals for the events you participate in! AND, of course, BIG New Year's fireworks and a special dinner courtesy of the Headmaster on New Year's Eve. No, I won't tell :-P

What we need now:

First of all, we need to know who will come. For the location, it makes a difference whether we're 5, 15 or 50. So, register soon because once we have a number, we'll have a place and then there'll be a maximum on the number of folks. Please, when you register, do state if you have any of the following: A computer (with or without network card), a car in which more folks could ride along, an event you want to run or a lunch / dinner you want to prepare.

Other things:

Costs: We'll split the costs of food, location, drinks and entertainment evenly. You're responsible for your own way to get there.

Minors: Minors are welcome to attend but will be required to have a signed permit from their parents. This should also state any special requirements or permissions (e.g. allowed to consume some alcohol, smoke...) - if nothing is stated, we cannot let minors have alcohol or tobacco.

Costumes: Very welcome!

Extending your stay: This will be made possible somehow, you'll just need to register it in advance.

Accomodation: Same-sex rooms. Couples may receive exceptions space permitting.

All clear now ? Get you calendar free and let's celebrate New Years with your OTHER family!

You can register by writing an e-mail to Kaiann, JaM3z and me with the subject DJB Meeting.

For the Brotherhood,

Dark Side Adept ^Cyberguy^ Quiritatio Entar, Seneschal
Krath Pontifex Kaiann, Headmaster
Krath Epis JaM3z Lucius Entar, Praetor to the Seneschal

w00tness detected :P

hell yeah :)

d00d! No fair! Having it in Europe...what about us who are bound to their respective countries for the forseeable...decade?

I would most certainly like to attend, but, alas, I'm stuck in Washington until I can get in the Army and get shipped to the Middle East(most likely). Plus, I highly doubt that my parents would allow me to travel to Amsterdam to met some "yahoos from the internet." ..yes, despite being 18, I'm still living at home.

Why don't we plan for something like this, here in the States? Or, there could be different, smaller meetings in central locations throughout the world? Then, we could, like, connect them all through a massive MP match thingie or something..I dunno. I've been wanting to go to one of these things ever since I first heard about it in the EH, and haved damned myself for being too young and too far away.

But, yeah...w007 to those who can attend. I envy you...

Oh yeah baby... I WILL be there! (Beware... :P)

Anyway, if there's anything I can do to help you guys organize this, let me know, will you?

Hey, no double posting :-P

hell yeah :)

So, you'll be there? :o)

If you want to do a split one, one in the US for Canadian and United States and closer countries to the US. I am more than willing to talk to my COmpany's Boss about having the place set up for about 50 - 100 US/Canadian/other set up in SOuth Carolina. If you want to that is. Please email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] I am more than will ing to do this. but i need to know if its ok with the higher ups :-P or u can kick me out :-P

Firstly, to address some things... Yes, I'm 18 and I know that I can do whatever I want, regardless of whether or not I'm still at home. Well, you see, as long as I live with my parents, I still need to go by their rules. Besides, I wouldn't be able to get to the Netherlands in the first place, since I have no money. Yes, the economy in Washington is bad enough that not even a high school grad who took three years of JROTC can get a job.

But, putting that aside...

I appreciate the offer, Gravin, to host a meeting in South Carolina. I would most certainly take you up on it, if it became apparent in the next month or so that I could afford the plane ticket to traverse the entire U.S.. But, who knows...I'm going to be painting some porches for $100 or more a piece, and I might be able to get a ticket...we'll see.

And, as for the people back East going to Ronin's house a singing carols...that would be so 5w337. I'd WALK to New Jersey just to do that.

Just so my fellow Americans know,

A few of us have been planning on holding 'DB-FEST New Jersey'

Some of us (J'Rai, Pheniox, myself...) all live in NJ, and were talking about some sort of get-together.

So, if anyone lives in the Tri-State Area (that's Connecticut, NY, NJ), or surrounding New England states, and would like to get in on this, email me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

I was thinking of maybe January-ish. Maybe we'll all take a trip over to Ronin's house and sing Christmas Carols =) evil grin

But seriously, anyone interested in getting in on that lemme know.

Meeting for the States?
Maybe you haven't noticed, but the main organizers (Kaiann, JaM3z and me) are from The Netherlands (except Kaiann, who is German). So it makes sense we organize it in Europe.
You can't come? Too bad, we will miss you. If you can: GREAT!

If you want one in the States nobody is stopping your from organizing one. We can exchange pictures or something, but I can't go to the States...

We're just asking for the people who CAN come. I'm not stopping you for organizing it in the States, as long as it won't be a competition like: our meeting was way better bla bla bla.

I think you understand :-P

Sweetness! I've also been damning myself, but now that I'm officially free of the bondage of being with parents I'm go to the Extravaganza! Anyway... Great idea guys, see you all there!

If you are 18, you can do what you want, living with parents or not :p

My cable box used to be able to run 10 lines, all split, so we get even bandwirth. Now it seems to have destroyed itself :( but i could have it fixed for our gathering, if u'd like. and ive been a QUA before :-P and there would be no cheating. Honestly, with a PCON/CON/DC member, would it really make a difference. i mean, if these meetings are happening i suppose we are already TRUSTWORTHY people. :-)

Sorry for the double post. ANywas. My boss is considering it, and i need a head count for the states. And im not taking from the Europe one. THis would be US and Canada, MAinly. I was born near Syracuse New York so i cwould definatly be able to drive up there if i could get the time off work. TO see family and maybve hang with all of you. i own a car, being 19 isnt easy :-P but im more than willing to do any DJB function where ever it be. But whatever we decide. i can fit 5 in the car including me... so make that 4 more :-P damn lights and system take the TRUNK up so u better pack LIGHT. lol.

Just a tiny DCish comment regarding the second location: I like the idea, in fact, it would make this a truly worldwide thing. However, if you want to hold medal-generating events, it would be ideal if you had a PCON, CON or DC member in your group in the US - just so we have someone ranking to confirm it's all done fairly and without folks cheating... Other than that - have a go! If we can get connectivity at both sites, we could even try a few Europe vs. America events to spice things up!

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