Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

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It is my honor to once again take up the mantle of Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow. I have served this clan throughout my career in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. For almost nine years I’ve been a member here, and while I wasn’t always on active status I did check in from time to time to see how my clan was doing. So without further ado let’s get to the report.


Anteian Cross to Krath Priest Raven;

Dark Cross to Dark Jedi Knight Corin Solander

Crescent with Emerald Star to Sith Battlemaster Scithe;

Crescent with Topaz Star to Sith Battlemaster Scithe;

Crescent with Amythest Star to Sith Battlemaster Ylith;

Crescent with Sapphire Star to Sith Battlemaster Ylith;

Dark Side Scroll to Krath Epis Shin’ichi Endymiron Keibatsu;

Dark Side Scroll to Sith Battlemaster Malisane De Ath;

Dark Side Scroll to Sith Battlemaster Shikyo Keibatsu;

Dark Side Scroll to Protector Davin Olar;

Scroll of Indoctrination to Guardian Dace Kusan; and,

A Cluster of Fire to Novice Juventus.

Keep up the good work guys. Everyone else, take an example and get active.


Juventus went from Apprentice to Novice; and,

Nik-Qui-Kux went from Novice to Acolyte.

Here’s the big one. Malisane De Ath went from Sith Warrior to Sith Battlemaster.

Congratulations to all on their promotions, but a very special one to Malisane. Promotions after attaining the rank of Dark Jedi Knight are not easy to come by. They require hard work, dedication, and patience to achieve, and Malisane should be an example to everyone in this clan on how one should go about achieving success. Congratulations my friend.

Shadow Academy:

Dace Kusan passed both the Imperial and Enemy Starfighter Courses;

Juventus passed the Marksmanship Course; and,

Nik-Qui-Kuz passed the Training Saber Course.

Good job guys. Knowledge is the path to power.


We’ve got two (2) transfers in from other clans.

  1. Dace Kusan joins us from House Galeres; and,

  2. Guardian Max Mandalore comes to us from Aclivis Draco.

The Master/Student Program:

Well I haven’t gotten much response in this area, maybe four or five emails, so I’m taking the initiative here and rebuilding this thing from the ground up. Look for several emails concerning this over next few days.

Closing Thoughts:

Activity. Why are we active in the Dark Brotherhood? What does our activity do for us, our friends, and our clan? These are valid questions that now and again we must ask ourselves in order to evaluate our performance and our motives.

We all joined the Brotherhood because of a love of Star Wars, and in joining we found our niches, be it gaming, writing, graphics, or whatever. We participate in competitions, run-ons, gaming nights, tournaments etc… because we find them enjoyable, but now and again we find ourselves in a place that isn’t so enjoyable and during those times it’s easy to just give up and say “I don’t play anymore”. But we cannot do this.

Activity in this organization allows us the opportunity to grow as people; to keep at something even though it’s not all that enjoyable at the moment is a sign of maturity. To realize that instant gratification is not the way of the world, but that our hard work and dedication will in time be rewarded (ala Malisane) is also an outcome of our membership here.

Finally we learn of Honor and Obligation through our activity. When we join a Clan, a House, a Battleteam we are saying to the members therein “I’m here to fight with you and I will not leave you behind, I will not force you to pick up my slack. I am every bit as good as you and together we are even stronger.” When you are part of a team you are obligated to give it your all, anything less is a disservice to your teammates and ultimately a greater disservice to yourself. When you abandon your team because you don’t feel like helping out you show that you have no pride and no honor and that you only value yourself and not the team you chose to join.

So I ask each and every member of this clan: “Do you have honor? Do you choose Loyalty over self interest? Will you fight for your brothers and sisters?”

The Great Jedi War is soon upon us. I guarantee you that this will be the greatest test this clan has ever faced, and whether we pass through it with strength and honor is dependant upon you.

I am the voice inside your head and I control you

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