Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Phoenix Phyle Report #4

Dark Jedi Knight Vodo Biask sifted through the week’s accumulated junk and mail, sorting out what was important, and what wasn’t. After discovering some long overdue orders from a superior, Vodo rushed to finish the project, and then returned to his new found duties as Sergeant of Phoenix.

The Sergeant compiled all the news of the past few days into a small document for his charges, and sent it via the Brotherhood’s internal holonet server to his superiors and to the members Phoenix Phyle. Simultaneously, all five Tyro’s, Troopers, and Flight Members received their Fourth Report from him as Sergeant.

WELL! We got some activity this week from two members, so a big thanks go out to Bubbs and Swaresu. Great job guys in the Phoenix Rising Competition. By the law of averages, the Winner of the competition over all was Swaresu-Dyas, who collected Two Topaz Crescents to Bubbles’ one. I’ll soon have more competitions out. They won’t be short spurts like this one, but rather either prolonged activities, or a continued series of events, so that no one is without something to do. Well, onto the report then.


Dalthid has come up with some great ideas for turning a Two-handed weapon style into a more realistic statistic. If you read his report, and article on the Message Board, you can get a better understanding of what’s going on. If you’re into the ACC, this is definitely worth looking into.

Speaking of the ACC, if you have not yet made your Character Sheet, do so. It counts towards early activity in Taldryan, and then you should qualified by a judge to battle in the ACC. One, it looks good to your leaders if you take that initiative yourself. It also means you can participate during DJB wide events such as the GJW.

If you’re into gaming, the Highlighted Shadow Academy test this week is the Test of Endurance, which teaches you the DJB’s gaming system, and how to submit records and points.


Nothing real big has happened recently that you can’t figure out from the clan emails. Expect a Report from Duga soon, and a new edition of the Tal Times soon after.



Hav Daggari:

Dark Sabre Taldrya:


2x Crescents with Quartz

1x Crescent with Topaz

Vodo Biask:


2x Crescents with Topaz

1x Crescent with Quartz


Hav Daggari:

**Dark Sabre Taldrya:<b>/


<b>Vodo Biask:</b>






http://www.freewebs.com/phoenixphyle/ (under construction)



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