Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Well we lost Sun Vail last week. There was a thing with someone getting into Sarin's admin access and messing around with stuff. Bane is gone as well (though he's not part of our team he is part of the house). I'm not sure, since they share the same computer, if they both decided to go rogue until the mess is straightened out or what. Either way I was sad to see our own go out the door.

You will all finally get to see the first chapter of my little character creation discussion. I'm putting the finishing touches on it and adding stuff I thought of as I started writing chapter two. There will be small competitions to go along with the various chapters and/or sections as well as breaks in between as I finalize the chapters I'm writing. I've been trying to pass along my drafts to our house summits for comments but such a process can take a while. Hang with me here.

I am glad I took this weekend to enjoy the warmth and sunshine because it allowed me to watch the TV tonight. I saw that the creators of Robot Chicken are teaming up with LucasArts to make a short Star Wars thing. It'll be on the Cartoon Network June 17th but I don't know the time yet. Probably like 11 pm Eastern. If you have no idea what Robot Chicken is, here's a link to one of the best Star Wars parody they've made. It is worth watching, trust me and if you don't get the Cartoon Network then be sure to check the site after June 17th for a look see.

Hey guess what?! Kazarelth was promoted to Jedi Hunter! Freaking sweet man, freaking sweet. Now you just need to start reaching for that prized rank of Dark Jedi Knight. Get to work ;)

Brimstone passed the ICQ Studies SA test. Well done man and keep it up.


I still just have the one running but I'll have more here soon. I saw no one did the comps that have ended. At least I wasn't CCed on the entry. Anyways, here’s the current list:

Shadow Ops DB Wide

Ends May 13th

The Scion of Artemay DB Wide

To be completed by July 10th

Create a Critter Comp Gladius Only

Send entries in by May 5th

Tar-Doku!!!! Tarentum Only

To be endured through August 30th

Gaming Deaths Just for us!!

Ends and maybe restarts June 1st

There's always the weekly SA trivia held on IRC. I’m guessing in the #SA channel every Saturday at approximately 1300 EST.

Oh and there's the Inter Club Training Event or ICTE that happens every Saturday in the #outerrim channel. You'll need some games for that. There's also the Gaming nights during the week if you happen to fancy a game.

If anyone has any questions on any of these competitions or any ideas for future competitions feel free to give me a yell. I am here for you.

Ramblings and Other Such Things

Cool Game Death - Levathan sent in the gaming death for this week. It comes right from Battlefront 2.

"It was a slow start so we only had two people playing; we were playing the “Hoth” ground map, I was playing for the empire while a buddy of mine was playing for the rebels. The battle started pretty well, then I got to be Darth Vader; (see, at this point I was thinking, while humming the Vader theme song (Mwahahahaha I will pulverize the rebels! The other guy doesn’t even have the hero yet and I’m close to full health! I WILL PWN EVERYTHING!!!..... man this guy is slow) as Darth Vader dose his menacing walk towards some troops, red lightsaber blazing, me humming the theme song…. Then I see this bluish green blur, and BOOM!! I had enough time to think, “damn…” Darth Vader gets tossed, flips in the air and lands about 10 meters away from where he stood. My humming was cut short, I, Darth Vader, was killed in a single shot by a rebel dude with a bazooka."

Work Related Fun - Two words and a sound: Carmel flavoring, mmmmmm. Seriously though it was a rough week and I was glad for the weekend, however short it was.

Well that about wraps things up. Everyone have fun this week and I'll be emailing you all very soon.

~ DA Telona Murrage (lather)rinse/repeat

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