Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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House Caliburnus Quaestor Report

April 25, 2007 (SUPER LATE)


<font color="#808080"><b> Children of the Sword, </b>

_ “Defy, No. However, I need someone to show the Consul that the propagated rumors about me are entirely false.” The Quaestor replied.

The young master only nodded, contemplating the unspoken request.

Thran looked out over the garden, sensing a messenger approaching. The man stopped in front of him, displaying the typical protocol for speaking to a summit member. Salutes or bows, both were acceptable by the Consul's declaration. The news he held was certainly not what Thran would like to here, but he knew it already.

“Sir, a message for you. The Consul of Clan Scholae Pala-” he began before being cut off.

“Show the message to Master Machweg. I already know what it says. When you are done, tell Rasilvenaira to prepare the Olus Vision. Inform the Consul that I am coming. I have a proposition for him.” The Bakuran said.

The man turned to Master Machweg, dictating the message. “By Order of the Consul, Your request to run War-Games with the fleet has been revoked. The Applicable powers of the Dark Paladin of Scholae Palatinae have been passed from you to Archpriestess Impetus, you are to remain on Ptolomea and await further orders. That is all.”

Thran smiled, deviously.

“Oh, and Sargent...Inform Templar Cethgus I need his presence immediately.” Thran commented, shooing the man off.

Duda paused for a moment, allowing the distance the man to pass beyond earshot. “Dark Paladin Impetus? I am sure you are thrilled by that, Sithling...” he said.

“Let us just say, the Consul is going to regret what he has chosen.” the older man said.

“So, what? A coup?” The master postulated.

“I said the rumors were false...I am just going to make him regret pulling me from my post. We were friends once, you know...But that is what the role of Consul does to people. Fills them with distrust of the strongest and most able bodied of He would trust a hungry lylek over me now, all because Phoenix has been whispering things to him. A coup? No. Perhaps a Tour de Force. If he thinks I am dangerous now, I will have to make that boundary a bit more expansive. Know this...It is a personal vendetta against the 'Lord' Consul. I simply wish to illustrate, he needs to come back down to his roots.” said Thran Occasus, who had begun to pace methodically about on the grass.

“That is a bold task. I can see it in your eyes, Sith...You need him for something...” Duda Machweg said, opening a poorly hidden suture.

To Be Continued…_

<font color="#F62817"> <b>NEWS</b></font>

<font color="#808080"> br>

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the 8th wonder of the world.

Relatively calm this week. I have been hard at work here in RL, as my final examinations are this week! So, I have been balls deep in the works of Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Berkeley, Rene Descartes, and David Hume. If you don't know who those people are...Try to keep it that way! I am a philosopher, so I have to read stuff like this all the time, which got me to thinking.

There is a huge rift in language over time between countries. I applaud all of our members who do not speak English as a first language. I have been speaking the language for nearly 20 years now, and I still get lost in it from time to time. It is incredibly difficult to bridge the language gap for such a massive multinational organization such as ours, yet it happens routinely. We have members from all over the world, which is spectacular in its own right. But, the fact that we can all communicate is even more awesome. I am not sure if there was a point to all of this...But, I just think it is neat that we can have all sorts of people all talking about various nerdy things.

We have some new members!

Send a warm Caliburnus Welcome to:

Apprentice Erica Cane

Apprentice Tarak Mayhem

Apprentice Yzarc Rellik

Welcome to the Clan and to the DB! Have fun, drinks on me!



I am now accepting applications for a Battleteam Leader. Finally, We are going to have some openings for some more leadership positions. Because of my own preferences, you must be JH to apply. In your application, please include:


Plans for the Team.

And all those other good reasons why I should make you the BTL!

If you are interested, please send me an Application ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

I don't plan on putting out other notifications for it...Because I expect that a BTL would read my report :P I will be making a choice on May 14th. So get those applications in.


<font color="#F62817"> <b>MONTHLY FOCUS</b></font>

<font color="#808080"> I am stepping a bit outside of my normal routine this week. Instead of focusing on the fiction building thing I was doing, I will be doing this...


In all honesty, I am too whipped to do a monthly focus this week...So, you all get a brake from the random shit I have to say...

<font color="#F62817"> <b>THE INSIDE EDITIONS</b></font>

<font color="#808080"> Here are some things I plan on pushing…


CSP Summer Games! The CSP games are coming soon, in the Month of May. Braecen has created a series of games that we can run to give us medals and all sorts of fun things. Stay tuned for more!

The Thran Academy of Ptolomea *Name is tenative – I have decided that House Caliburnus is going to be the point of authority for the clan's naval proceedings. I have commissioned a top secret construction site somewhere near by! What could I be doing? Why Is my report fiction getting stranger? Why?!?! I'll Tell you! Because I want to establish HC as the Most Bad Ass thing ever. (Like we haven't all ready.) The goal is to construct more for HC. In this case, a Space Station! Tune in for more!

Revamping of the House Maps. Now that we have a map...I want to up the quality...So look for those in the future.

Regular reporting!

Some work with the Clan Menagerie, If you are interested in getting involved email me or contact me on IRC, I could use some minions! It would consist of basic writing tasks, imagination, and having to deal with me. I am officially moving into the next steps of the Menagerie project. I have to settle on some details, but it will involve the separation of the creatures into the Respective houses. I hope to do something in the spirit of the NFL (American Football) Draft, just to spice it up! :P

I am going to be posting some polls on the Forums. They don't so much have a point, but are fun to do.

Anyone who does graphic want a medal? Well, If you do...Send me a bunch of graphics for my reports! Use the headings you see here...and be sure that they are...BAD ASS! (like me, I wish :P)

Maybe some other top secret things...But If I told you, they wouldn't be top secret...</font>


The Sudoku Puzzle!

Here is a sudoku puzzle! Read my reports, complete the puzzle and send me the answers! The winner gets a shiney medal :)


<font color="#F62817"> <b>RANDOM THOUGHTS</b></font>

<font color="#808080"> Which came first? The Jedi or the Egg? </font>

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