Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

JH JScumm #7764
Pandragon Commander
House Oriens Obscurum
Clan Arcona

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Greetings Pandragon members,

Hope all is well.

A new report to begin a joyous week :) so welcome to my fourth report as Pandragon Commander. This will cover activities from the last two weeks.

Geez! It's been two weeks already... time passed so fast! You'd better fill your day with activity, fun and make yourself worth to others and ...OK enough blah, blah, I will make it quick because I don't have much time (I wrote this while doing my SA: General Leadership, playing EaW, chatting with Timeros... the list goes on :P)
So on to the report!


KAP Timeros is no longer our Proconsul (JS sighs). Well, you read it in [Arcona].

I planned to send a reply, but the mails kept coming and now they're OOT :P
But, I agree with RM Drodik that we need to show our support in another productive way... ACTIVITY!

AED Ashura steps down from Aedile due to R/L. We'll miss him a lot and we wish him good luck in both real and DB life :) He already sent out his last Aedile amazing report... so go read his report and look who got a lot of shinies :P

DJK Etah got AED of Galeres. Drinks are on him! Hics... :)

Headmaster/Combat Master/Herald report out, go read them.

The SA order core exams has been rewritten. Please check the SA order core.
Thanks God I have already completed my order core :)

Lastly, Spiderman 3 will come to theaters near yo... oops wrong movie :P


This comes from our former PCON, Timeros. It is time for ACC aka "Combat Writing" pwnfest the Clan has never yet seen before!!

Pwn the PCON!

The Arcona Run-on entitled Desperate Times is on its full swing :)

Dessie, our FL, is hosting [Arcona] Murder most foul
A writing competition about the murder of a person or group people. All submissions will go to Desdemonea: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

For trivia geeks, there is SA trivia on Message Board and on #SA every Saturday.

Sorry I forgot to mention this in my last report. If you win, you will be awarded the Legion of Scholar :) Hmmm.... shinies

For gamers, pls check this links:

Rites of Combat

Gaming Resources


<A href="" target+_blank>SIT Wiki

Remember you have to be on #dbgaming when you do gaming.
And for ICTE every Saturday, the IRC channel is #outerrim




IN: Kaldar #8650

I sent e-mail to members below PRT, asking them to join Pandragon, and only Kaldar replied. So give your warmest welcome to Kaldar :)


Kaldar: Pre-Republic History, Leadership Fundamental, History of the Sith Empire III. He did it in two weeks, while I did it in two months :)


JScumm: CFs x15, Dark Cross, Cr-1S. No comment! :P

Desdemonea: Anteian Cross. Well earned!

Kaldar: Cr-T. Woot! His first shiny, keep them coming! :)


Kant Lavar: vs. KE Nekura Manji Keibatsu (CNS)

The winner: KE Nekura Manji Keibatsu

Congrats for having passed your ACC training match!


Kaldar: Acolyte -> Protector. Big congrats! You deserved it!


APP Stoud: by doing ONE of the following task you will be promoted to NOVICE. Register and post in the BT message board, create your Dark Jedi history, pass two SA Exams.

APP Seer: by doing ONE of the following task you will be promoted to NOVICE. Register and post in the BT message board, create your Dark Jedi history, pass two SA Exams.

APP snake: by doing ONE of the following task you will be promoted to NOVICE. Register and post in the BT message board, create your Dark Jedi history, pass two SA Exams.

ACO Kant Lavar: Create your Dark Jedi history, and since you already have a Master, QUA Alex, all you need to do is request tasks from your Master for your promotion to PRT

_NOV Niall Terrik _: Register and post in the BT message board, and do ONE of the following: pass 4 SA exams, submitting to a competition or playing a multiplayer match

PRT Kaldar: Request your tasks from your Master for your promotion to GRD. Good luck!


In this section, I'd like to review our activity from last month. And it seems that there is no activity at all coming from all APPs within the battle team. So I am holding a ONE WEEK LONG Apprentice Check-In. All you have to do is send e-mail to me and say "Yo, JS, my man. I'm here and ready to be active."

Those who fail to respond to this movement within the battleteam will be considered AWOL and I will leave it to our Quaestor Alex, whether he still wants to keep them in our beloved House or move them to the Rogues. In my humble opinion, APP should accomplish their task to be promoted to NOV in less than 2 months since the task is very easy.

Here goes the list:

Sith Commander JScumm (active)

Sith Flight Member Stoud (inactive)

Sith Flight Member Seer (inactive)

Sith Flight Member snake (inactive)

Sith Flight Leader Kaldar (active)

Obelisk Trooper Kant Lavar (active)

Sith Flight Leader Desdemonea (active)

Obelisk Trooper Niall Terrik (inactive)


Arcona Website

Promotional Guide

Master/Student Program

IRC Guide

Leadership Guidelines

Pandragon Messageboard


That's it for my fourth installment. I hope you enjoy reading my report.
Remember, I'm doing an AWOL check for ALL APPs whether you still want with us or not. So pls, pls send e-mail to me.

OK, have a good week ahead! Any questions, complaints, comments, or concerns; please shoot me an email me at jediscumm[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Be active and have fun!

In darkness,

JH JScumm (Sith)/CMDR/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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