Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Crimson Vanguard Status Report.

Hello everyone, I am JH Daar Kareth. I have been in the brotherhood for four months. Taldryan is the first clan I have ever been apart of, though Archanis was not my first house. I am formerly of Ektrosis, shortly after I joined the DB house Archanis was re-opened and I volunteered to relocate to this great house. The Crimson Vanguard is a great battleteam, and being a low journeyman in the CV was a great experience for me beacuse I had a good leader. Now that I have become the BTL of this unit I have decided too provide opportunities for us to compete against each other and work as a team in fun competitions for bragging rights and shiny medals to fill the trophy case.

Recent BT news: Berta Tobur has completed his character history and joined Crimson

Vanguard battle team.

Promotions: Berta Tobur has been promoted to Novice.

Up coming and current events: Crimson Vanguard Caption Competition! Here are the details,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&filter=upcoming&ID=2562

Kashi Mer Talisman Run-On, Clan wide Run-On available to all of Taldryan.

Archanis Pride, House forum thread devouted to the artwork of our house.

Congradulations go to our newest member Berta Tobur! Welcome aboard. I hope to have a great time as your BTL and will be providing a few small competitions before the GJW. Any questions regarding the Battle team can be brought to me on IRC of Email. I'm always reachable so just give me a shout about anything. I also hope to see you all on IRC our house channel is #Archanis. Xerxes Run-On is up and going so if you like fiction writing have a try at it. Our caption comp is a great way to get some good medals it's really simple anyone can do it! so get onboard and come have some fun.

In closing I would like to say I was very proud of what I have seen so far from you all in the RoS, and would like to see much more activity in the near future.

In Darkness

JH Daar Kareth (Sith)/CMDR/Archanis of Taldryan [PA: ACO] [ACC: INI]

Cr-1A-1S-3E-1Q / CF-PF / DSS / S:-6Do-5Dk

{SA: KS: ToL - AS - IRC - ACC - FP - HS1 - HSII - HSIII - O: SCORE}

:) thanks

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