Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


  • Feudal system being discussed

  • Maol stepped down as Clan envoy, Clan envoy not opened to application at this time

  • Wuntila got appointed to the Clan Senate in place of Seti who left the clan

  • Still looking for an AED for House Exar Kun so apply quickly.


  • Lori Choi (Krath) Novice


  • Lori Choi (Krath) IN

  • PRT Seti I Shadim (Krath) OUT

  • JedArk Koreth (Krath) IN

  • Mara Sorn (Krath) IN

Shadow Academy

  • Korroth Karn (Sith) passed MSN Messenger

  • Imichua (Krath) passed Dark Jedi Meditation

DJM Royal (Krath)/QUA/Exar Kun of Plagueis

<small>SL / ED / RSx2 / SB / GC / SC / AC / DC-CP / S:-2Dk</small>

<small> {SA: KS: ToL - TS}</small>

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