Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report


Come on Baby: Really. My wife was due to have our first child on the 28th of April but the baby has yet to come. Being a pigheaded Army guy, I envision my little jumper frozen at the door, not quite ready to make the plunge. Well hurry up kid!

In any event, if the baby does not arrive by Friday of this week, the doctors are going to induce labor. When my baby finally does decide to come out and play, I will take a 72 hour LoA. I will send out a fast email to the DGM and others.



The Shroud: P:GM Raken has completed a fictional description of the Shroud that will be placed on the policies and projects page. This document falls into the same mold as the Antei System document and details the Shroud that surrounds the Dark Brotherhood's Capital System. It should serve as a nice resource for fiction writing. We will have the document loaded within the next 48 hours.

New Allies: We have added El Escuadron Lores Del Sith to our list of allies. ELS participated in the ORW and did an outstanding job representing their organization. ELS will also begin competing in our ICTE events. Great work to Karel on working this alliance and bringing ELS to ICTE.

Guide: Good Recommendations: This is a repeat of the same news I placed in my report last week. I have placed it in this report because of the high number of medal recommendation denials in the last ten days. Remember, the MAA is not out to piss you off or make you mad, he is only looking to maintain the value of our awards. If you have an issue with a recommendation denial, please approach him in a respectful manner. You will find that cursing him is not a great way to get the results you are looking for. (On a side note, the GM and DGM do not weigh in on awards unless those awards must be granted by us. )

The MAA has recently completed his guide on Good Recommendations. This guide is designed to show members the standard that is expected of recommendation requests.




T:F Selected: Congratulations to Dark Jedi Knight Ricco Vao on his selection as Fiction Tribune. Ricco came well recommended and I look forward to working with him over the next couple of months.

T:DV Open for Applications: Applications for the position of T:DV should be sent to GM Sarin and DGM Halcyon Rokir by 07 May. Applicants should submit a sample story that would appear in the Dark Voice as well as a list of qualifications. Applicants must have the capability to:

  • Must have a fast email turn around time

  • Good communication skills

  • Excellent writing and editing skills

  • Some HTML coding experience

  • Ability to piece together word documents and graphics

  • Ability to direct a small group

  • Ability to meet a deadline

  • Must have patience and a cool head under pressure

The T:DV job description is listed below:

Dark Voice Tribune (T:DV)—The Dark Voice Tribune is primarily responsible for the development and timely release of the Dark Voice Newsletter. The Newsletter has been established as a primary driving force behind the Brotherhood’s storyline, and the Dark Voice Tribune must work with the Dark Council to ensure that the newsletter keeps the storyline moving. The Tribune is in charge of all standards and guidelines used for determining what will find its way into the Dark Voice. Furthermore, he will regularly assist writers in bringing their work up to par with these standards. The Dark Voice Tribune ensures quality control and acts as the primary editor of the newsletter. His general duties include:

  • Responsible for development and publishing of the Dark Voice Newsletter

  • Assists in the development of the Brotherhood storyline as it fits into the Dark Voice

  • Development and maintenance of all standards for submission to the Dark Voice

  • Works with submitters to ensure that standards are met


Congratulations: Medals: Dranik on his AK! Draco, Bubbles, Nexus, Joshman, Craka, Ras, Corin, and Merlance on their DCs! A'lan, Alanna, Dark Sabre, and Melkor on their SCs! Vodo on his AC!

Congratulations: Promotions: Congratulations to Malisane on SBM! Congratulations to Kazarelth on JH, 1 more to go for that Saber!

Congratulations: Work: Great work to Raken on the Shroud, Halc and Dalthid on Force Powers, Muz on the Super Secret Killer Project, Jac on saving the Dbase, Braecen on getting his IR in first, Taldryan on another Bryar Bowl, Kraval on the promotion ceremonies, Plagueis on their new Senate!

<p>Real Life</p>

Move: On top of Darth Babytus, I am also moving to Arizona this month. I am heading off to the Captain's Career course at Fort Huachuca Arizona and will be on the road from 20-23 May. I have already squared away my apartment and internet access, so my down time should be minimal. Fortunately for my DB work, I will be going alone to Arizona while Darth Wifetus and Babytus stay at Fort Campbell.



Well, almost done.

I know a few of you took notice this past week when I removed an individual from their position in the Dark Brotherhood. Some people have responded this this move very favorably while others have responded very negatively. If you have any questions about why I did this, feel free to contact me at any time.

Have a good week everyone. I will be on mIRC and you can always talk to me there. If you can't get me there, try [Log in to view e-mail addresses]</p></p>

Congratulations, Ricco! I look forward to working with you

The congrats go to Braecen for the promotion ceremonies work, he's the one writting them up, I just help edit

Gratz man!

The removal of Archpriest Timeros Caesus Entar was indeed upsetting and while I doubt there were a plethora of “very favorable responses,” I would like to thank the majority of the Clan Arcona for responding with common sense and class despite the collective fervor with which we disagree with the Dark Councils actions.

The removal of Archpriest Timeros Caesus Entar was indeed upsetting and while I doubt there were a plethora of “very favorable responses,” I would like to thank the majority of the Clan Arcona for responding with common sense and class despite the collective fervor with which we disagree with the Dark Councils actions.

Using big words won't make you less of a loser, Etah. Plz stop. kkthx.

Congratulations on the people that got awarded stuff, and those that got promoted.

Furthermore, pie.

I didn’t use big words Tarax; you’re just not that smart :)

Furthermore: brownies

Simmer down, children.

Congrats to everyone who got a reward of sometime, but my big congratulation goes to Ricco. Good work!

Go Malisane! Congrats on SBM!!!

congratulations everyone :)

Thanks for the chance to prove myself guys I look forward to working with you, Halc and Sarin, I'm sure it will be great,


Sorry to break the mood, but is the Shroud document up?

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