Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Good Evening ladies ladies and gents. Sorry this was out a day late, but I slept literally all day after I got off work. Then to day, I get of work and I hear people are causing trouble out in town doing something stupid....



DeathXetheist, Kaotum, Xanatos, and Wnyni'ona were promoted to Novice!

Draven was promoted to Acolyte!

R'deth Bay and Macindus were promoted to Protector! Great job!

Congratulations are in order for Odin, He has achieved the rank of Sentinel in the ACC. looks at his ACC rank


Celahir and Draven passed Photoshop. That means I expect entries in my comp from both of you;)

Kaotum passed Lightsaber Studies, Sith and Obelisk CORE! Good job!

Maikeru passed Training Saber!

Melkor passed History of the Sith Empire III and Chamber of Justice!

R'deth passed Leadership Applications and Krath Poetry!

Sephiroth passed Krath CORE!


Xayun earned a Pendant of Blood and 12 CF's!

Karel earned 3 CF's!

MERLANCE was awarded a Dark Cross!

Beowulf earned a PoB, Crescents with Quartz and Amethyst Stars, and 24 CF's!

Sikes earned Crescents with Topaz and Emerald Stars, and 5 CF's!

Celahir earned a Crescent with Emerald Star and a CF!

Sephiroth (who me?!) earned a Dark Side Scroll, a Crescent with Topaz Star, and 8 CF's!

Odin earned a DSS, Crescents with Topaz and Amethyst Stars and 10 CF's!

Melkor earned a Steel Cross, and Crescents with Topaz, Quartz and Emerald Stars! Great Job Melkor!

R'deth earned Crescents with Topaz and Emerald Stars!

Just a reminder, I have a comp going on right now, the coolest one in Tridens history, I think;) Details can be found here: to Orders!&Unit=17&frommonth=5&fromday=2&fromyear=2006&tomonth=5&today=26&toyear=2007&order=Queue_Comp.StartDate DESC, Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2591 and feel free to email me with any questions.

And with that I say... falls asleep

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