Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_ The two Varactyl chortled as they were reined into a stop. The lead beast was Ithilla, bright azure and emerald feathers glimmered in the afternoon sun like polished gems, which is what had inspired her name which meant ‘jewel’ in Keraci. Rasilvenaira slipped off Ithilla’s back and patted the reptilian’s shoulder as she turned back to the second Varactyl whose rider still clung to its back.

The Aedile chuckled, “Come on, Archangel, get off and let’s go.”

A slight breeze stirred the sparse leaves on a small tree near them, and the Sith turned her gaze back the way they had come. The foothills and surrounding forests seemed small from the mountain ledge they’d stopped on. Her keen eyes could just spot the area that was the Caliburnus Headquarters.

Swallowing his evident nervousness, the Jedi Hunter slid off his mount’s back and edged over to stand beside the Battlemaster. “Mistress, is this really necessary?”

Rasilvenaira looked over at him, studying him as his deep jade green eyes betrayed the fears he tried to conceal. “Yes, it is. Fear can lead to strength if used properly, or it can become a great weakness if it is allowed to dominate your thoughts. I do not expect you to abandon your fears completely, yet, but I will encourage you to learn to control them to some greater extent.”

Archangel nodded, resigning himself to the afternoon of training. Carefully, he tried to avoid looking around too much, though he knew the cunning Battlemaster would force him to address his fear of heights soon enough. “Very well, after you, Mistress.” _

Greetings all,

DJM Halcyon Rokir stepped down as the DGM, and a new DGM should be announced soon. There are three new EPs: Odin (Alchemy), Kel Antar (MSN), and Etah (General Leadership), and still two more EP positions open, History of the Sith Empire III and ESET, check for more details. Zeron is now the KCE, or Clan Envoy, so congrats to him on that. Fionn dan Locut'Hal is the new House Envoy for Caliburnus, congrats to him as well. Round two of the Bryar Bowl 2 has started, so if you are involved in that, check the ladder and make sure you play your matches. Also, if you are qualified for the ACC, consider signing up for the ACCLive! ladder that is starting soon.

There are several special projects in the works for the House. If you would like to know what’s going on, or even if you would like to help out, then take a look at the House Project Pool:

There were no promotions this last week, so if you are confused as to how to go about earning your next promotion, then come talk to me, Thran, Fionn, or Zeron and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Yay for lots of shinies! Good work guys, keep it up!

OT Cethgus – awarded Cluster of Fire x31

DJK Zeron – awarded Cluster of Fire x15

DJK Malaki – awarded Cluster of Fire x13

ACO Cerim P'thar – awarded Cluster of Fire x7

OT Michael Arkarso – awarded Cluster of Fire x5

GRD Fionn dan Locut'Hal – awarded Cluster of Fire x4

JH Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan – awarded Legion of the Scholar

PRT Viktor Pacescoras – awarded Crescent with Topaz Star

SBM Rasilvenaira StormRaven – awarded Pendant of Blood x4, Cluster of Fire x104

The Shadow Academy is an important source of additional training within the Brotherhood; make sure you check it out:

DJK Prajna Berkana – Advancement Survey, Capital Starship Studies, Safe Computing, Sith Tactics, Grammar, Pre-Republic History, History of the Sith Empire II, Marksmanship, Astronomy, History of the Sith Empire III

ACO Lithas Pota – Force Alchemy, Marksmanship, Poetry, IRC Basics, Astronomy

PRT Yzarc Rellik – Conflict Mediation, Astronomy

JH Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan – Leadership Fundamentals

Good job those of you who have been studying hard.

House Caliburnus extends a warm welcome to our newest members, please be sure to say hello to them if you see them around:

APP Roukai

House Caliburnus also welcomes the following members who have transferred to us, make sure you welcome them when you see them:

NOV Babar Shyk

There are several great competitions running currently and if you are looking for something to do, or you want to add a new shiny or two to your collection I encourage you to check out the thread which lists them all for you.

In particular, I would like to point out the Cocytus System Olympiad. There are still seven events left for your enjoyment, so make sure you check it out and have fun!

Go to for the details.

Now, the best part of my report:

This week’s Sudoku puzzle -

Send the answers to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Good luck!

** “There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte **

** “Where there is unity there is always victory.” ~ Publilius Syrus **

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