Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Back in charge of Ravana Squad, Vladek, resigned himself to his old job, and began to type out a report...

Ravana Squadron

Welcome to another report, Ravana Squadron!

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**1: Activity by Roster

2: Commander's Talk

3: AWOL Removals


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CMDR Vladek - Led the Battleteam, IRC Activity, Email Activity

FL Maxamillian - Gaming, IRC Activity, Email Activity

FM Nero - Forum Activity, well done!

FM Ysron - Completed History, well done!

OT Munchiun - Email Activity

FM Deprimereus - Shadow Academy Activity

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It seems that things go from bad to worse for me. Won't go further with that, let's just say that I'm not exactly happy with several things, including the placement of someone I believe did terrible things, betraying myself in the process. What's more is that I feel bad with myself for things I said to my leadership, which I feel they are unlikely to forget. It has left a permanent mark on my record, which has led t my supposed exclusion from something I wanted. It's a down time for me, and though the activity of Ravana pleases me, I have no longer the drive I once possessed. It's as though this looming figure of patience has reared it's ugly head, which I ignored for to long. I behave immaturely, complaining when it is undue, and questioning my leaders rudely, when there intelligence usually outstrips my own. I realise now the damage my words have caused, and would take them back if I could. Unfortunately, such is not possible, and my mouth has brought me to a position where I assume I will remain for a long time. The Leadership of the Clan are right to keep me here. I was rash, too rash to appropriately head the position I wanted so much. I can only offer my sincerest apologies for my transgressions against all who I have affected. No doubt this will not be forgotten by those who I accused of bias, betrayal, and lying. However much I think that this may be true, it is not my place to disagree with the summit. What I did was stupid, and I doubt it will ever fade from the minds of those who consider me for that position ever again. I can only say a true sorry. Now that's some deep shit. I should write a book - "The Emotional Adventures of Vladek in the DB, how a simple position appointment can escalate into a full-on shitstorm." Have a good week everyone!

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No AWOL people this week! Yay!

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