Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Cethgus sat in his office, boots up on his desk, and looked toward the door as it hissed open. Malaki stepped into the room, allowing the door to close behind him. Standing in front of the Obelisk, Malaki glanced around the office before turning his attention back to Cethgus.

“Ah Malaki you came” Cethgus said.

“Yes, You wanted me for something” Malaki said with out a hesitation.

“Yes I was wondering if you could do a favour for me?” the Templar rose to his feet after speaking.

“Of Course what do you need?” Malaki said.

“I need you to assemble the team for a meeting as soon as possible, get them in the meeting room then come back here and tell me when your done” Cethgus said.

Malaki moved out of the room swiftly to assemble the battle team. While Cethgus passed the floor in front of him letting his thoughts drift to other things as he walked around his office. Waiting for word what he asked to be done had.




As you should know I was made Battle Team Leader of Souls of Darkness which is why I’m writing this report.

Congratulations on making it into the Battle Team and I would like you all to meet our newest member of the battle team.


The Focus for the month is a simple one. I would like you to think of a competition that you would like to see Souls of Darkness do. If you have nothing then that is fair enough but I hope that you do find one competition you would like to see become available for the Battle Team.

Also I would like us to see if we can get involved on a bit more stuff I think that we have been doing well these past months but I know we can all do better. Of course there are some that will say other wise but please try and be more active this two weeks. I know you already are active and this may be a hard task for some but let us try and see if we can do this task please.

Remember sometimes we do not need a reward to be happy. I know from experience that all we have to do is something for our clan or even our house. So remember that Team next time you do something with no reward feel pride that you did it.

Need Work

Well everyone if you need work look no further I have got some things for you to have a shot at if you so wish to do some work. If you need a change to what you do have a look in the project pool that has a host of ideas of different things to do.


We have also got a house prospects which is up and running if you get some time just take a look at that and see what you think of it for yourself.


As you should know there are other things which are happening like a revamping for the House map and that there is a Spacestation being created. Keep your eyes out for more things like this.

Random Question

Who is older? Jacen or Jaina

That is all for this week

My the darkness protect you

Cethgus out

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